Boost your SEO, develop brand authority, and foster consumer loyalty.

You’ve probably heard that content is king, and it’s true!


We at SimpSocial offer digital marketing services to help your company, such as content creation and PR packages, in addition to creating attractive websites for auto dealers.


Did you know that adding a blog or news page to your SimpSocial website is a simple process? Through the power of blog posts, allowing us to publish original material on your behalf will assist in strengthening the authority of your dealership’s brand, growing client confidence, and improving your SEO.


The Advantages of Blogging


We hear you asking, “Why is it crucial to have a news or blog section on your website?” There are several advantages to including content on your website, the first of which is the actual truth that blogs on websites generate 67% more leads than those from other businesses.


 Here are five other reasons not to miss out:


promotes increased website traffic. I mean, really! Share the most recent news and details about the automobile industry to keep your customers wanting more even after they make a purchase.


enhances the profile and online presence of your brand. Be in charge of your brand and make it clear to everyone why they should do business with you. Promote your unique selling points to stand out from your competitors.


builds a relationship of trust with your clients. By continually maintaining an open channel of contact with your consumer base, you may deepen your relationship.


enables you to convey important messages. Don’t keep your customers in the dark about your business, from announcing your unique discounts to emphasizing your holiday hours.


increases your SEO to increase your authority online. Get found online by the most popular search engines, as blogging will improve your website’s search engine optimization.


Declare a Position


Think again if you believe you have nothing to discuss! When it comes to blog writing, the material options are truly limitless, ranging from showroom offers to information on electric vehicles.


We are professionals at posting the most recent and exciting updates to keep your clients interested and returning frequently. You can rely on us to provide your content because we recognize that purchasing and selling vehicles are your top priorities.


Why not join the many SimpSocial clients who currently use us to engage with their customers via a specific website news or blog section? Contact us right away to learn more about our PR packages.


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