Chicago-Style Door-to-Door Delivery

The auto industry has changed, as have the expectations of potential customers, thanks to the transformative acceleration of delivery for just about anything you can buy these days, big or small. However, because of state laws that limit dealers’ ability to perform transactions and door-to-door delivery without a consumer’s in-person visit to the dealership, the process hasn’t been as simple to take advantage of in Illinois and other less progressive states.


A new measure that would allow for 100% online purchases with door-to-door delivery is being worked on to change these restrictions for the state of Illinois.


State Senator Patrick Joyce, a Democrat whose district comprises the majority of Kankakee County and a small portion of south Chicago, shared the following.


In a statement to Automotive News, Joyce stated, “It shows we are on pace to bring the vehicle sales industry into the digital age.” This would not only satisfy the needs of contemporary consumers, but it would also make the process of buying an automobile simpler. The ability to contact clients more easily and close purchases while offering a convenient and secure experience will benefit dealers.


By assisting dealers in making the most of their management of customer expectations in the rapidly developing digital economy, SimpSocial has achieved unparalleled success in the market. We look forward to assisting Illinois dealerships in offering their consumers the benefits of 100% online transactions, complete with door-to-door delivery in the manner of Chicago. / SimpSocial (888) 829-1110

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