The most prevalent mode of contact between us is text messaging. Text Messages can be sent and received by anyone with a cell phone. When it comes to connecting with customers, the car sector needs to start taking text messages seriously.

Let’s start with talk. Chat is a fantastic way to capture clients who are browsing your site. The most serious issue is that customers must remain on your website in order to communicate with you. Frequently, you will be left with a ghost lead and no way to contact the customer. Even if you obtain contact information, you are unable to contact the customer via phone or email. No one picks up the phone or checks their emails these days.


The next option is email; however, text messages are considerably superior to email in every way. It’s a basic fact that text messages are read and responded to at a higher rate than emails. Here’s an article from CallHub that highlights some of the many advantages of text messaging over email. Click Here to Read the Article Let’s be honest. Email is on its way out. It’s growing less probable that your email will be opened as more spam enters the inbox.


Finally, Phone Calls, millennials, millennials, millennials, millennials, millennials, millennials, millennials They simply do not enjoy answering the phone these days. Have you ever attempted to phone your children only to be forced to text them instead? If you have to call them, it doesn’t matter how many leads you create. You’ll make ten calls, and you’ll be lucky if even one of them picks up the phone. We all know that people prefer to communicate with others via text before conversing on the phone. Phone calls are still useful; it’s just easier to acclimate folks to the phone call by sending a text message first!


We take Text Message very seriously at SIMPSOCIAL! It’s not an afterthought that we’ve tacked on to our main offering. It’s what we’re known for. To make managing and following up on Text Message leads a breeze, we’ve integrated Artificial Intelligence and sales workflows. With a 180-day lead follow-up, you can stay in touch with a consumer until they Buy or Die!


In today’s society, text messaging is simply the best means of communication. Let’s boost your website’s performance and begin taking text messages seriously. From this page, you may try out our widget. It’s the Text Us Power Button, which is placed at the bottom right of the website. It’s worth a shot. This can be easily integrated into any car website to begin producing Opt-In Text Message leads right away!

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