Cannabis Business Startup in Nevada

High stakes industries like cannabis are ideal for states like Nevada. There are many things to consider while launching a cannabis business in Nevada, such as a testing lab, shop, or dispensary. You can get off to a good start with the aid of this advice.


The Story of Cannabis Legalization in Nevada

Let’s examine how we got here in order to comprehend the Nevada cannabis business as it stands today. Nevada has a distinct cannabis legalization history, in part due to its popularity as a travel destination.


Nevada was the only state to criminalize marijuana possession in any amount when it outlawed it in 1923. In 2000, medical usage was approved following two consecutive yes votes; nonetheless, medical dispensaries remained prohibited until 2013. For long years, cultivating was the sole alternative available to medical consumers.


Then, Nevada decided to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2016. A few months later, regulated retail sales were made lawful. Additionally, Nevada is one of the few states that allows for onsite consumption lounges, providing travelers with a place to use cannabis while on vacation. The sole authorized drinking lounges as of late 2023 are located on tribal grounds.


The cannabis laws in Nevada have a few unique provisions. For instance, licenses for recreational cannabis use can also be used for medical dispensaries. Furthermore, the state accepts certain out-of-state cards as reciprocity for medical users. Only cannabis consumers without a certified retail location within 25 miles of their residence are permitted to cultivate cannabis on their own.


Other than that, adults over 21 are allowed to purchase, possess, and use small amounts of cannabis products.


The Cannabis Market in Nevada

It’s a good idea to do some market research before opening a cannabis business in Nevada. This is a brief synopsis.


Nevada’s cannabis sales for the most recent fiscal year were estimated to be over $850 million, mostly from Clark County, based on state tax records. It’s interesting to note that after reaching a peak of more than $1 billion in 2021, sales have been falling.


The industry as a whole has seen this downturn as more jurisdictions legalize retail sales and as product prices reduce to remain competitive. Stated differently, the industry is developing.


In the previous year, about 26% of Nevada adults reported using cannabis. But remember, Nevada is a popular tourist destination, and a large portion of those visitors may be from places where marijuana usage is still illegal. Although there is a sizable local market, the national market can arrive at your door.


All things considered, Nevada offers a sizable market for your new cannabis venture, but you’ll need to choose wisely. Even with tourists contributing to your sales, you’ll still have to contend with fierce competition, a highly controlled market, and expensive taxes.


Plan accordingly, but move quickly and forcefully.


How to Launch a Nevada Cannabis Company

Regardless of where adult-use retail stores are permitted, the procedure for launching a cannabis-related business is essentially the same. See our “How to Start a Cannabis Business” guide for more details on these fundamental actions.


Type of Business: You might operate a distributor, manufacturer, grower, laboratory, or store. Providing support services like packaging or marketing is an additional option.

Planning: The Nevada Small Business Development Center and other resources can assist in laying the groundwork for your enterprise. Before you look for finance, lay out your marketing plan, income model, legal framework, and any other prerequisites.

Location: When looking for land or a structure, take into account local zoning regulations.

Legal Actions: For regulatory information, contact the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board. One of the five permits will need to be applied for and renewed yearly. An Agent Card, which necessitates a background investigation and fingerprinting, is required for anyone operating in the field. In addition, you need to complete the standard new business procedures like obtaining an EIN and establishing your entity. Hiring a lawyer is not a bad idea because there are a lot of legal hoops to jump through.

Insurance: Obtain complete coverage for your employees, clients, and assets prior to beginning. If calamity strikes, you’ll be happy you did.

Financial Services: It may be difficult to obtain loans or bank accounts from significant FDIC-insured institutions as a result of the federal prohibition on cannabis. Investigate other options such as regional credit unions or banks, private lenders, or niche companies in the sector such as FundCanna or Safe Harbor Financial.

There will be many more decisions you need to make regarding operations, suppliers, hiring, and other matters as you pursue entrepreneurship. We’ve only just begun. These fundamental measures for launching a cannabis company in Nevada will put you on the right track.


Nevada Security Regulations for Cannabis

If you have a high-value product and a sizable amount of cash on hand, it is best to have strong security. It is not only a wise decision, but it is also mandated by law. What you’ll need is


badges of identification and a visitor’s record

One safe entryway

A technique for detecting intrusions Exterior illumination

Security cameras for businesses that can operate in low light capturing points of sale, vaults, entryways, and restricted access zones (as well as storing footage for 30 days)

Measures for business continuity such as failure warnings and power backups

A collection of security guidelines that you provide to any prospective hires

A manager of security who oversees personnel training, audits, and assesses outside security providers

If you intend to be a cultivator, be sure to read the tiny print as cultivation facilities have slightly different criteria. You have to notify local authorities of any known system failures or breaches in addition to these security precautions.


Theft, vandalism, and burglary are serious dangers that need to be considered. This is when the adage “better safe than sorry” actually applies.


Security Solutions for Cannabis

It takes effort, time, and resources to launch a new firm. However, what if you were able to eliminate one of your worries?


To provide your company with the best protection possible, AI security solutions that far surpass state regulations. You can prevent thieves from getting to your front door by using live video monitoring and professional guard intervention—all without having to move an inch.


Furthermore, it’s not exclusive to “high rollers” (excuse the pun). Comparing AI-enhanced surveillance to on-site security patrols, the former is more economical and more successful in deterring crime.


Keep your new company from becoming a target for criminal activity. Put your trust in AI innovative approach to protecting your grow room, retail floor, and more with real-time human response and smart technology.

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