Buying Used Cars Off The Street Is Easy!

Never before have dealerships across the nation struggled so much to keep inventory levels the same.


I’ve talked to 75 different dealerships in the last year alone; therefore, I can assume that your dealership is also likely experiencing a severe lack of inventory.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to purchase an extra 5–20 automobiles each month while paying an average of 54% less than what you would pay at an auction and earning more money overall?

AND have the neighborhood transport these chances to your doorstep so you can have the exclusive chance to purchase them before your rivals can.


The Stock Your Lot campaign has been operating at Ross Dionisi’s Hiley Subaru and Hiley GMC dealerships in Fort Worth for the second part of 2021, and he is happy with the results.


“This is one of the best car-buying campaigns I’ve ever run,” the advertiser said.


Opportunities to purchase autos frequently

Dealerships that participate in the Stock Your Lot program save a significant amount of money compared to purchasing inventory from auctions.


The cost per acquisition for MacDonald Motors is $102.87.

The cost per acquisition for Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth is $234.77.

Since the initiative started, Ross Dionisi at Hiley GMC has had about 1-2 appointments to look at vehicles every day.


growth in revenues

While obtaining inventory is the main objective of the Stock Your Lot campaign, it is also creating buy intent and boosting sales at our dealerships.


In the first month the campaign was active, Winnie Dodge sold over 10 cars as a result of Stock Your Lot.

Dealerships must come up with a new strategy to sustain inventory levels because it is expected that new inventory levels will remain at dangerously low levels into 2022. and they are impatient.


Within 24 hours, your dealership can begin purchasing vehicles from the open market. Want to learn more? Visit or call (888) 829-1110.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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