Buying a Car During the Holidays

Not all of us have the luxury of deciding exactly when we want to buy a new car. You might not be able to choose when to buy a new automobile if your present one breaks down, is stolen, or is wrecked in an accident. There are better times to buy a car that will enable you to save even more money if you are not in a scenario where you must buy one right away.

Most buyers and dealers concur that the week between Christmas and New Year’s is the ideal time of year to buy a new vehicle, truck, or SUV. The majority of consumers aren’t shopping for cars now, according to, and dealerships are working to meet their end-of-year sales targets. Additionally, just before the year ends, manufacturers frequently offer significant rebates to move any remaining models. An ideal moment to buy a leftover model is right now.

January and February are also excellent months to buy if you’re interested in the newest models. Because car dealership sales are typically lower at this time of year, you can benefit from lower prices before the manufacturers raise the price of the vehicle as the year progresses. President’s Day is actually a very important occasion for buying new cars! The third Monday in February is when this holiday falls, and typically, sales are slower and inventory is loaded to capacity.

A new car can always be bought during the holidays. Christmas and New Year’s are the most well-known, but you can also find excellent deals on holiday weekends like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving. The majority of automakers and dealerships will present alluring incentives throughout the holidays.

Holiday Impact on Automobile Dealers

How do these customer patterns in automobile purchases affect dealers? During these busiest vehicle sale holidays, the cost of digital advertising for dealerships and other businesses often rises, and the competition is considerably fiercer. Tier 1 advertisers (for instance, manufacturers like Toyota) might increase their bids on certain keywords to spur interest and demand, which could raise the cost of those keywords for dealerships. Dealerships must set themselves apart from the competition by providing clients with exclusive deals or benefits that make them stand out from the crowd if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Your conversions will remain stable if you increase your sponsored search expenditure because there is more competition and less available ad space.

During periods of high auto sales, does your dealership stand out from the competition? Do you allow your dealership’s digital advertising budget in accordance with these seasons? You cannot keep spending the same amount and anticipate different outcomes, particularly during these busy periods. Contact one of the knowledgeable automotive digital advertising consultants at CHD to learn more about digital advertising for your dealership during periods of high sales.

Friendly Car Buying Advice:

* There are also specific times of the week that are ideal for purchasing a new car. There are consistent “best” times throughout the year.

* The dealership is the least busy from late morning until late afternoon. This is the ideal time to come. You don’t want to be the first person to arrive at the dealership door in the morning, seeming overly eager, or the last person to arrive after work, when all the other full-time employees are also shopping.

* Attempt to go to the dealership on a weekday, preferably from Monday through Thursday. Since there is much less foot traffic at this time, you will receive more individualized attention.

* Additionally, you want to be sure that you arrive at the dealership prepared. Schedule your appointment in advance to expedite the process once you enter.

* You should also be sure to carry all necessary paperwork, such as your driver’s license and proof of registration, to the dealership.

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