Business SMS—what is it?

Business SMS is text-message-based interaction between businesses and their clients.


This strategy enables two-way communication between businesses and their clients, allowing clients to reply through text messaging to inquiries, promotions, and transactional messages.


Businesses frequently have an SMS platform that enables brand ambassadors to communicate with clients from a centralized location. Reps can readily see how the brand has communicated with the consumer in the past when SMS is integrated into the omnichannel customer experience.


Uses of SMS in Enterprises

It is not a recent trend to use SMS to connect with clients, and over time, it has been used in many different ways. Several instances include:


SMS text message marketing: Companies utilize SMS as a method for informing clients and potential customers about special offers and other pertinent information. For instance, sending coupons and discount codes via text messaging is a terrific way to get people to visit a brand’s website.

Text messages are also utilized for customer service engagements. Offering a text messaging service makes it simpler for customers to express their concerns and receive a streamlined and intelligible response in return because not all customers feel comfortable making phone calls. Customer service representatives can utilize SMS to send reminders for appointments and events, critical alerts, and collect customer feedback through simple polls and surveys.

Transactional messages: Companies like e-commerce sites and postal agencies use this form of SMS message to confirm deliveries. Additionally, restaurants may ask patrons to confirm their reservations using transactional SMS.

SMS for sales: Salespeople can use SMS as a quick and simple means of sharing pertinent links and resources with leads who aren’t responding to emails. Sending a timely SMS message could go a long way if a potential customer is researching your company while on the go.

Why ought companies to use an SMS strategy?

There are several advantages to business SMS for both firms and clients.


In addition to email, business SMS offers a channel for organizations to communicate with their clients and typically has higher engagement rates. When companies want their customers to take a certain action, like making a purchase during a promotion or following up on a customer care request, this can be especially helpful.


Brand ambassadors may connect with customers wherever they are by sending them commercial SMS messages. Since the majority of individuals own a cell phone, SMS may be used to contact them almost instantly. Real-time talks are now possible, which is practically unheard of with most other forms of communication.


Last but not least, business SMS enables firms to engage in more discussion with their audience. 1:1 connections through corporate SMS can assist brands in meeting the expectations of modern consumers, who demand personalized experiences.


Business SMS can be a useful tool that improves client engagement, whether it is used for marketing, e-commerce, or customer care.

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