Bots on the Rise: Using AI to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

When we say something is “robotic,” we frequently mean that it is a little stiff or distant. Therefore, it makes sense that some business owners are a little apprehensive about including AI in their marketing plans. It looks like an impersonal choice at first.


However, it is true that recent years have seen rapid advancements in AI. Although bots have not quite reached Terminator levels, they have advanced enough to give your marketing an extra-focused and, yes, even personal touch. Let’s look at just five of the ways they can be of assistance.


1. Use Predictive Analysis to Identify the Most Likely Candidates

How much time do you estimate the typical company spends prospecting? It’s most likely a lot. It’s challenging to predict with absolute certainty who is most likely to become a customer or new client, even though we can pour through our own data in an effort to zero in on important demographics and buyer profiles.


A machine learning technology called predictive analysis can mine data from a demographic to identify those who are most likely to convert. These predictions also occur swiftly due to the data consumption speed. This ultimately saves a ton of time, which is equivalent to money.


2. Select Your Own Content

Providing engaging and instructive information to potential customers and clients is one of the best strategies to entice them to your brand. When they’re done reading this piece of material, they might click to another page on your website and continue. Sometimes they’ll just walk away.


In order to give visitor-wise recommendations, AI may now curate the material on your website. For instance, it may read, “If you liked this article, you might also like to check out…” Visitors are kept interested and involved by these helpful recommendations. They keep returning as a result.


3. Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Personal

Getting someone to open the email is only half the battle when it comes to email marketing efforts. And in order to accomplish that, you must beg them with a compelling subject line.


Based on the user behaviors and preferences it discovers on the other end, AI personalizes email campaigns. It uses machine learning to analyze consumer data to decide when, how frequently, and what subjects to send emails to.


Oh, and it can determine whether topic lines are effective. The most valuable aspect is that.


4. Design a Quicker Customer Service Process

Great customer service is the one thing that keeps coming up when you ask people what keeps them coming back to a firm.


Being available to the client or customer whenever they need you is a crucial component of providing excellent customer service. Give them a resolution as quickly as you can.


These days, chatbots are more frequently used in customer support roles. A customer can connect with an AI who can provide them with many of the answers they need by going to your website and clicking the chat button. What else qualifies as convenience if not that?


5. Use AI-Generated Advertising to Spread the Word

Have you ever been perusing the internet—possibly on your preferred social media or shopping website—when ads for searches you made in the previous week started to appear?


Who might be interested in what you’re selling is determined via predictive analysis, and AI-generated digital ads spread the word. This will keep potential customers thinking about your product or service.


Time to Welcome the AI

It turns out that decades of science fiction literature and film are accurate: bots are real and getting smarter. The good news is that they’re willing to assist, though. Contact our team of advertising specialists if you want to find out how to begin using AI.

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