Bots and brains: A winning formula for customer service

What will assistance look like in the age of AI? This is a key question being raised in the customer service sector right now.

The truth is that it will need to be done using a combination of technology and people, or, as we like to say, “bots and brains.”

In terms of scalability, time savings, quicker resolutions and response times, and improved customer experiences, AI and automation have created enormous prospects for customer support teams. The people working in customer service, however, are the secret to the success of this technology. AI and automation will become the co-pilots of support teams, allowing them to offer quick, effective service to their clients and freeing up their teams to focus on new areas that add value to their companies.

Automation’s Place in customer service

Customer service has a specific place for automation technology. It provides prospects for greater career fulfillment for support representatives and allows support teams to benefit from large efficiency gains.

Automation and AI are useful for:

removing repetitive manual labor for support reps.

By automatically directing consumers to the team or individual who can best assist them with their problem, the possibility of VIP or white-glove support is greatly increased.

In order to streamline customer service processes and save valuable time, support interactions are assigned and categorized.

enhancing the customer experience by giving clients the ability to self-serve answers to their own inquiries.

Success will depend on people.

Self-checkout kiosks at supermarkets, self-serve luggage check-in devices at airports, clever time-saving formulas in spreadsheets (thanks, automation! ), and many more things that we’ve grown accustomed to are examples of the automation that many of us face on a daily basis. The human creativity and input that power and propel advancements in this technology behind the scenes is something we don’t always see.

Even if the “customer support rep” profession takes on a slightly different appearance in the future, human help representatives will still be an essential part of customer service. As AI is implemented in customer service, the position of “customer support rep” will eventually become more technically oriented, with support staff members managing the AI-powered chatbots and workflows that we will all eventually become accustomed to. Additionally, these technological developments will open up new job prospects for the support teams, including positions like “chatbot developer” and “chatbot analyst.”

Brains plus bots equal excellent customer service.

In order to fulfill and perhaps surpass the expectations of customers for help, automation, and people will need to collaborate in a new era of customer service. Our recent research reveals that 67% of support leaders in North America aim to increase their investment in AI in the coming year, demonstrating that forward-thinking leaders are already modifying their strategy to embrace AI.

The support staff will be equipped to deliver next-level customer experiences, make a huge impact, and outperform those who don’t by utilizing the winning combination of bots and brains.

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