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Getting leads is harder now than it used to be because today’s consumers are intelligent and are only becoming more intelligent. Engaging clients in a way they want demands lead generation that is reliable. In most cases, gamifying the procedure yields superior outcomes to requesting the information directly.


Over 42% of respondents to a CarGurus survey stated that they would like to be able to see their monthly payments before going to a dealership. The cutting-edge new digital marketing solution from SimpSocial, Apex, is created by combining this desire with gamification.


Apex is a native application that is integrated straight into your websites and takes a more subtle approach by making the lead submission process more fun. A customer can browse your complete inventory and create a bespoke payment plan using Apex. In order to produce an exact price that your clients would comprehend, Apex takes into account everything from customized credit scores to down payments and terms to accessories and warranties.


Apex asks your clients for more information at every stage, constantly generating leads. Before they know it, they’ve provided you with a lead that is so thorough that closing the transaction requires no work. They receive options, transparency, and a gamified approach, and you receive useful lead information in return.


By separating tire-kickers from motivated clients, chat programs are an excellent way to pre-qualify your leads.


Customers can now access top-notch help whenever they need it thanks to Cyrus, SimpSocial’s new virtual assistant. Cyrus is available around the clock to answer questions regarding particular vehicles in your inventory, offer special deals, set up service appointments, or provide directions to your showroom.


Additionally, Cyrus leads interested users through a series of interactions in the form of decision trees. Each inquiry graciously collects lead information without the customers even being aware of it. Cyrus never wants its clients to feel as though they are being bothered or barraged with information. This relaxed conversation builds trust with your customer and provides you with useful lead information.


The Apex and Cyrus brands were created to satisfy the stated needs of contemporary consumers. Customers are much more likely to interact with you and provide you with high-quality, actionable leads if you gamify the lead-building process and integrate it into other crucial activities.


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