Boost Website Traffic to Speed Up Your Online Retail

We all enjoy it when our efforts are properly acknowledged, but for your website, acknowledgment isn’t exactly what you’re seeking. Even if it’s good to be noticed, your primary objective should always be to attract new clients.


The more visitors your website receives, the more potential clients you’ll have (or perhaps the more brand loyalty you’ll have with current clients). In either case, the quantity of website visitors directly correlates with the number of opportunities your company has to make an impact, produce qualified leads, share your brand, and create those enduring relationships.


We don’t want your dealership to miss out on prospects for exposure or online retail. And fortunately for you, maintaining contact with your customers—both new and devoted ones—is the first step in driving effective internet traffic.


Link up with clients.

Going where people are spending their time should be your initial move if you want them to learn about your business and your offerings. A statistic for you: On average, people use social media for 2 hours and 27 minutes daily. Social media networks are not only used by your customers now, but they are also a terrific place to start when creating a straightforward marketing plan that expands the visibility of your business.


When using social media, your dealership can:


Promote content: Increasing the visibility of your material on social media is one of the best things you can do. Gaining more views enables you to communicate with more of your target market and inform them of the services offered by your dealership.

Reach out to new audiences: Social media platforms are excellent places to connect with prospective clients. Promote your content to prospects who are most likely to convert. The number of visitors to your website can be greatly increased by promoting your content to prospects with a high possibility of converting. These are people that are already wanting to buy a new car, so promoting what you have to offer simply makes it simpler for them to do so.

Connect with current clients: Social media sites are excellent places to reach out to clients who have already purchased from your dealership. To continually encourage brand loyalty, you can respond to their inquiries and interact with them on a frequent basis (which seems like a win-win to me).


Quick Tip: Use bespoke ad formats like videos, slideshows, carousels, and more to move inventory even quicker by using inventory-specific social advertisements on your preferred social media sites.


Make use of email marketing.

Since we’re talking about maintaining contact… One of the best digital marketing techniques for dealerships to cultivate client relationships is email marketing. It enables auto dealers to communicate with their clients, keep them informed of new offers and promotions, and turn more leads into sales.


Don’t trust us? Revenue from email marketing was estimated to be $7.5 billion in 2020, and it is anticipated that this will rise to $17.9 billion by 2027. Consider these suggestions to enhance your email strategy if your dealership wants to get the most value possible from your email marketing efforts:


The first piece of advice is to always gather emails. Yes, we do mean at every chance. Your dealership has a ton of opportunities to collect email addresses, both offline and online, with things like loyalty programs, service counter forms, promotional events, or even test drive papers. Make it a habit to take advantage of whatever chance you have to get an email address and establish contact with your audience.

Tip #2: Speak to your audience on a human level. Emails that are personalized receive more replies than emails that aren’t. The same is true of customized headlines. Use their names and address your audience directly. (You’d be shocked at how much this contributes to the success of your email.)

Make it simple for your audience to share emails in tip #3. If your subscribers appreciate what you’re marketing, chances are good that they’ll want to spread the word to their friends. Include links to your social media accounts in your e-newsletter to make it simple for readers to explore and share your material.


Adapt Your Online Advertising

You can identify, connect with, and interact with individuals via online advertising without spending money on a disproportionately large audience. Online advertising provides detailed audience data, allowing you to concentrate your efforts (and budget) on the areas that matter most. Paid display advertising and Facebook Automotive Inventory Advertising are two excellent places to start as you investigate which options are ideal for your business, even though there are many different types of advertising available.


Display ads are frequently used to spark curiosity, sell goods and services, and keep your dealership at the forefront of consumers’ minds. They can access more than 90% of the internet, which guarantees that you can provide inventory to customers with the appropriate message at the appropriate time to compel them to act.


Retargeting is supported by Facebook AIA for both new and used inventory. With this type of advertisement, you can concentrate your targeting efforts on consumers who are actively looking for cars, increasing the possibility that they will see your ads and become potential customers. The automobile catalog on your website is directly accessed by Automotive Inventory Ads as well. In essence, Facebook receives a direct feed of your complete inventory of vehicles along with pertinent information like make, model, and year. These advertisements use a data feed, so as new automobiles are purchased or sold, they instantly update (amazing, right?).


Quick Tip: For your internet advertising, create tailored audiences. With the help of these audiences, your dealership may send groups of potential customers targeted messages that highlight all the vehicles that potentially meet their specific requirements at the time.


The bottom line is that you will have more prospective consumers the more people visit your website (whether through social media, email, or online advertisements). The number of website visits ultimately determines how many chances your company has to make a strong first impression. Have no idea where to begin (or perhaps want to know more about where your dealership is at the moment)? Reach out at or call us @ SimpSocial at (888) 829-1110.

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