Boost Sales and Service Performance by using CRM

Your sales staff should have an easier time with the correct CRM partner. It could be time to reassess your collaboration if you’re not reaching the ideal consumers and moving more cars. Tynan’s Auto Group in Aurora, Colorado was fast to observe a shift in workload from busywork to an increase in sales and repair orders for the group after partnering with SimpSocial CRM and Automotive Marketing Platform (AMP). The employees at Tynan’s Auto Group now have an easier time of things thanks to SimpSocial’s CRM and AMP.


Simple as opposed to task-overload


Recent studies show that the majority of car salespeople only work there for one to two years. For service managers and sales managers who are attempting to bring teams up to speed on marketing campaigns, appointment scheduling, and basic tech training, extremely rapid turnover can become a problem.


Tynan’s Auto Group finds that using SimpSocial CRM helps to keep task-management at a more realistic, simple level by streamlining staff processes. According to KateLynn Bregar, Sales Manager and Internet Sales Director, “SimpSocial helps our salespeople sell more cars via the automation with the customer base as well as the customized follow-up to be able to tailor the customer to where they’re at in the sales funnel.”


SimpSocial CRM improved prioritized the workload of the personnel handling lead follow-up and outreach by not overburdening them. The end effect was a staggering 36% increase in car sales over the previous year. Repair orders increased by 50% on the service side.


Give Automation the Heavy Lifting


In the end, if your staff members are overworked and overburdened with busywork, they become less engaged and content with their positions. The secret is to automate outreach to past and future clients while concentrating salespeople’s efforts on human outreach to in-market clients.


Thankfully, Tynan’s Auto Group was able to reduce the effort of the sales staff by utilizing Automated targeting and outreach when they collaborated with SimpSocial  Automotive Marketing Platform. Bregar clarified, “It doesn’t overwhelm the salesperson with a ton of tasks that make it difficult to get through their day.” “We want them to identify the “hot list” and know which of their customers are prepared to make a purchase, as well as those consumers that have clients in their database who genuinely wish to be contacted.


In summary


The 2023 State of Automotive Hiring Report states that when salespeople were fulfilled in their employment, they were most devoted to their dealership. (And this extends beyond one’s pay.)


Your employees might have a better experience with the correct CRM partner. It can assist them in methodically increasing automobile sales while cutting down on the tiresome job that frequently causes attrition and a bad customer experience.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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