Best Car Accessories for Grads Going to College

Our goal at SimpSocial is to not only assist you in finding the ideal vehicle but also to make sure you get the most from it. Check out some of the most crucial auto accessories for recent graduates heading off to college.


1. a kit for roadside assistance

A roadside emergency kit is one of the most crucial items you should give your teen driver. When your child leaves for college, you never know what can occur. An emergency roadside kit will contain a number of supplies that can be used in an emergency. For instance, if the battery is dead, you could need the jumper cables to start the vehicle. Take a look at the tools contained in each emergency roadside kit to see what they include.


A smartphone holder, second

You must also let your kid use a smartphone holder. Nobody should ever text and drive, and if the vehicle is mounted on the dashboard or a vent, your child may reconsider. Furthermore, a smartphone holder can make it simpler to observe if your youngster utilizes their phone as a GPS. You should think about getting a college driver for this crucial safety feature.


3. A Car Hammer for Emergency

Another excellent tool is an emergency automobile hammer. An emergency car hammer could save your child’s life if they become trapped inside the car at any time. Finding an emergency vehicle hammer with a seatbelt cutter on the opposite side may be the extra step you want to take. Even though a seat belt can save your life, it can get in the way if your youngster is trying to flee the vehicle. Consider purchasing an emergency escape device.


4. An air compressor and tire pressure gauge

A tire pressure gauge and inflator are crucial pieces of crucial equipment that will enable your youngster to learn how to care for themselves. This might be a good way for you and your child to develop a close relationship before your new college student moves out.


Now is the time to teach your child how to use a tire pressure gauge if they don’t already know how. Additionally, you must demonstrate to your child where their tires’ recommended PSI is. Make sure your toddler comprehends how to correctly inflate the tires as well, and that’s the last thing.


5. A car cover

And lastly, you ought to get your kid a car cover. This is a fantastic chance for your child to modify his or her vehicle to fit their unique sense of design. Because there are so many automobiles parked close to one another at school, a car cover is essential. A car cover can help prevent door dings and scratches, which are a very real danger. This is especially crucial if you believe your youngster will go a long time without operating a vehicle. Put a car cover on to safeguard your investment.

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