Beat Your Biggest Competition

Despite the hype about online retailers like Carvana snatching clients from local dealers, many dealers see their biggest competition as other local dealers. In our previous webinar, approximately 75% of dealers said a local dealer of the same brand, followed by a nearby dealer of a different brand, kept them up at night.

We needed to know this because the new and used vehicle industry is competitive, and we want to provide the best-focused solutions to help dealers beat their competition.

Google Vehicle Ads is our latest inventory merchandising solution. Discover more here. This carousel of dealers’ vehicles at the top of the search page links to their website’s VDP (Vehicle Details Page), keeping shoppers close.

Google a vehicle and see what appears in the advertisement’s carousel. Since the functionality is rolling out, you may need to reload it a few times. Your dealership? If not, start! Ready to enroll? Contact us to get started.  Fill out the form or contact

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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