Automotive’s advertising standards

The majority of contemporary dealerships are supported by digital platforms that frequently create SMS campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness. A clear message that is powered by artificial intelligence and geared to maximize client interaction is now the norm for campaign messaging.


  • TCPA conforming

  • Immediately reengaging

  • Vital information

  • Natural dialogue


Systems like SimpSocial are adept at managing inbound lead sources and specialize in SMS campaigns. These AI text interactions are written and organized by technical developers to automatically engage consumer databases. These AI dialogues can notify users of offered goods and services, as well as appointment times and dates. This crucial information for CRMs is captured by our system at the initial point of contact.


Engaging in the first phase that manages and turns inbound leads into customers by using meaningful, long-term follow-up. As a result, dealers can create distinctive marketing campaigns to buy from, sell to, or promote other deals to certain customers.


For your dealership, for instance, marketing, sales, and service campaigns can automate effective communication. Our dialogues can comprehend and respond to difficult client inquiries by utilizing AI that has natural language processing.


sequences for SMS campaigns targeting dealerships

The best way to inform consumers about fresh recall alerts, event promotions, service condition improvements, and customer advantages is through outbound marketing campaigns. A new range of goods and services and active engagement in giveaways are additional themes for effective outbound campaigns. From a dealer’s database, SMS messages about model availability can spur client involvement. Outbound SMS campaign engagement rates are currently up 68% year to date.


Because curious clients can depend on one dealership to acquire the information they need without having to look far and wide for answers or responses, after-hours support and strategic follow-up efforts are also strongly advised. Dealers can engage in an automatic discussion via our app using SimpSocial campaigns, and AI can even send automated messages for inquiries about individual vehicles from your data flow. Why not spare your sales team another laborious task?


Buy-back campaigns give dealers the ability to advertise current vehicle demands and conditions as markets change. To help retailers quickly add more used cars to their inventory, these carefully selected SMS advertisements are automated.


The majority of your campaigns will depend on the season. Is there a high or low season for business, tax season, or another period when money is tight? When taken into account, your advertising environment can demonstrate a high likelihood that a portion of clients require a new car, maintenance, or simply a good ring to know you remember them. In this situation, dealerships should automate CSI support and feedback surveys in between larger promotions.


Within your service drive, service-to-sales campaigns give offers to certain consumer segments. Successful marketing platforms like SimpSocial spend years training AI models using millions of automotive-specific data points. AI replies include make, model, vehicle value, photographs, and more and are constantly improved.


Some of the best customer experiences can be produced by campaigns with carefully crafted messages and a strategic conversion procedure. The quantity of communications our AI initiates and the context the marketer describes are just two examples of how SimpSocial builds every outreach attempt for our partners with their customers in mind.


Using the aforementioned SMS campaigns to improve communication efficiency can help dealership teams work in a positive environment, forge closer ties with audiences, and inform local communities. Do you want to upgrade your dealership to include one of these communication features? To learn more about launching AI campaigns right away, schedule a call with one of our specialists here.


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