Automotive Sales Email Templates That Convert in 2023 (and the Ones That Don’t)

We understand your motivation for visiting because you are a hustler looking to improve your sales skills. If you’re not already one of the best 5% of automobile salespeople, you want to be since you are aware that there are only 5% of them.


If you’re being completely honest with yourself, you realize that your auto sales email template game could be better. To be honest, you send the same stale, uninteresting follow-up emails to all of your clients.


Because you stick to the same worn-out, lifeless script as all the other car sales dealerships, you’re not developing a reputation for yourself.


We know you’re prepared to replace those outdated, uninspiring vehicle sales email templates with newer, easier-to-use, higher-performing email follow-ups that will keep you competitive.


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You don’t use these subpar email templates, do you?

To find out what actual vehicle sales email templates dealerships are using, we recently sent out an undercover shopper. We must admit that not all of them were really memorable, at least not in the manner you desired.


Let’s examine a few instances of such subpar email templates. It’s time to reload your plan if you’re utilizing any of these!


The standard lead reaction

Checking in from our general manager, subject line


Greetings, [customer name]


I want to personally thank you for the inquiry that you sent our way. I sincerely hope all of your inquiries were addressed.


Please feel free to get in touch with me as soon as possible if you have any questions regarding our vehicles or feedback while you weigh your alternatives. Below is a list of my personal contact information.


Once again, many thanks, and we hope to see you soon.


[Name of dealer]


[Contact details]


What’s wrong with this email, exactly? It’s not exactly exciting, is it? It doesn’t convey a feeling of personality or the reason why they should buy from you. It has an “automated response” vibe to it.


In actuality, this exact template was given to our undercover agent TWICE. Speaking of awkward


The “barely there” appreciation

This “thank you” template is more presumptuous and less personalized.


Subject: Appreciating your business with [dealership]


Dear [First Name of Customer],


We really value your business and are grateful that you chose [dealership name] to purchase your next vehicle from.


Wonderful news: I still have that [make and type of vehicle] accessible for you!


What time would be most convenient for you to stop by for a test drive today?


What do we see in this? First of all, the subject line contains the word “Fwd!” 🚩🚩🚩


The author of this email? Who exactly is it meant for? We have a ton of inquiries. Even though the subject line includes the customer’s name, it is clear that no specific person was intended for this email.


It makes a bad first impression since it is unfriendly and impersonal. Use this template only if you’re deliberately trying to turn away millennial customers.


TL;DR: Putting a lead’s or customer’s name in the subject line is NOT sufficient personalization. Stop there.


an email with the weak appointment Subject:


Hello, [First Name of Customer]


You’re welcome to check out the [vehicle model] you inquired about at [dealership name].


You can expect a simple and stress-free visit from us, and we’ll be considerate of your time.


[Vehicle image, followed by asking price]


The [vehicle model] can be reserved just for you.


Which time works best for you?


Is today better than tomorrow?


In addition to the [vehicle model] you requested, there are over 400 other competitively priced vehicles that are now in stock.


[Name of dealer]


[Name of the dealer]


[Contact details]


How do you feel after reading this email? Are you eager to see that brand-new car? Are you prepared to schedule the appointment as soon as possible? Most likely not.


It’s boring, to start. Second, it appears like this salesperson is more focused on selling “aggressively priced” cars to everyone they can reach than placing you in the ideal vehicle for you. They give off the strong impression that they truly embody the term “pushy salesman.”  🥴


The dealer’s attempt to engender some trust by stating, “We will be respectful of your time,” deserves some credit. but it’s still not good enough to pass! The most effective technique to establish trust is with an interesting, genuine video message.


During the car-buying process, your potential customers are inundated with MANY examples of uninspiring, generic, impersonal, and downright dreary email templates. Insert barely restrained yawn.


Which email templates work best for selling cars?

The most effective email templates for vehicle sales don’t have to be over the top or loud. They bring personality and video to the mix, which is a fairly straightforward thing to do.


Including a video in your email can boost click and open rates by 65% and 19%, respectively. You are already behind if you aren’t using video.


You may interact with leads and customers much more rapidly and establish relationships with them by including a video message in your emails.


Instead, try these email templates.

Let’s re-energize with these interesting email examples now that we’ve bored ourselves to death explaining those tacky old automobile sales email templates.


The enthusiastic and tailored reaction

Let’s start with our video screenplay. First things first. This script offers a clear call to action with simple steps while also being approachable and kind. and it only lasts for around 40 seconds!


Hey there, [customer first name], this is [dealer name] from [dealership] in [city name and state, extra points if you use a creative adjective like “sunny” to describe it].


Hello, and thank you for your inquiry about this incredible [vehicle year, make, and model]. There are only [X] miles on it.*


I’m going to send you a walk-around video of the outside of the [make/make and model], followed by a second video where I demonstrate to you all the important features and components of the inside, in addition to this introduction video (where you can put a name to a face!).


You can message me directly right here, call me, or send me an email with any queries you may have.


Hey, [first name], again, many thanks. I wish you a wonderful day, and we look forward to meeting you!


* Insert any standout automobile feature you want to emphasize. fantastic mileage? Specify it! highest safety score in its category? Specify it!


Template for the body of an email


Subject line: [First and last name of customer] [vehicle class (SUV, etc.)] page


Welcome to the page I’ve specifically made for you, [first name]!


We appreciate you reaching out to us once more. Please check it out and let us know if it was useful.


* The date of the purchase

Even without a brief video, the purchase anniversary email is a fantastic opportunity to re-engage with your customers. Three things must be done to be successful: say something personal, invite people to share, and obtain references.


Anniversary script for sale


How are things going, [first name of the customer]? Over at [dealership], it’s [name of a salesman]. Many happy returns! I have confirmation that you bought a car from us [X years] ago] today. You can view the testimonial video you created by clicking here. You can view some of the photos we shot by clicking left once more.


I just wanted to wish you a happy anniversary, wish you a wonderful day, and hope everything is going well with the automobile. By the way, how was that [private information, such as the family vacation to Disney]? Please tell me more about that.


Hey, listen, our dealership is running a special referral program this month since, as you know, we rely entirely on recommendations. If you share this page, I’ll send you $100 in cash for any friend or member of your family who makes an appointment after hearing about it from you.


Additionally, if any of your friends or family members share this page and one of their referrals makes a purchase, they will each receive $100 in cash. That’s how I want to thank you. I’m hoping all is well with you, and I’m eager to catch up.


Email format:


Salutations on your [X]th wedding anniversary, [customer first name]!


It’s your and your car’s [X years of ownership] anniversary, [customer first name]! Greetings to you both!


We want to thank you by offering a unique referral program for the entire month. You should be aware that you will receive $100 for each successful reference you make. They also receive $100 for each successful referral made by your friends and family. You only need to share this page!


Happy car anniversary once more, and I’m looking forward to catching up!


[Signed by dealer]


PS: I’m sure you’ve had some special years, but if you’re ready for a change, this is a fantastic time to think about a trade-in.


Actually, we have some fantastic trade-in offers that might be ideal for your requirements. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me by text or phone.


What features do all of these cases share? They are approachable, clearly human, kind, and motivated by action. And they have GIFs, too! You see, a little humor can go a long way.


Even though this template is quite brief, it works for this situation. Why? because the salesperson covered a lot of ground in the video and gave a detailed walk-through.


This vehicle sales email template is appealing to your leads since it is 1) useful, 2) inviting, and 3) low-pressure.


The message is clear: It’s time to stop using those stale, outdated email templates for auto sales.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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