Automotive Dealers on Facebook Messenger


Here are a few key reasons why you should use Facebook Messenger rather than your current automotive shop chat solution. There are a few advantages to using Messenger over the current live chat services in the automotive business. One of the most important features is that it is completely free, and it is connected to one of the leading automotive markets, allowing you to exhibit and advertise your dealership inventory for free. Those are two compelling reasons to keep reading the blog in order to understand more.


1st Advantage


Because your shopper is already signed into their Facebook account and on your website, Facebook messenger allows for immediate customisation. In today’s competitive automobile industry, personalization matters, and this is a FREE advantage over your competitors who are trapped in the past.



This implies that customers don’t have to submit their names to begin a dialogue on your dealership’s website, and you’ll never have to ask for their name because you already have it. This type of friction reduction encourages more dialogues to begin with better data.


Plus, for continuous conversational marketing, you can create a Facebook audience that includes everyone who talks with your dealership using Messenger.


2nd Advantage


You and your customer can even continue the chat after leaving the dealership website using Facebook Messenger for automotive. Please consider the competitive advantage of that, especially if a lead disappears. We’re all aware that this occurs considerably more frequently than we would like.



You can respond to anyone who has started a Facebook Messenger conversation with you. You won’t be able to do so with a conventional live chat on your dealership’s website. TO TWEET, CLICK HERE

If you have an automobile live chat on your website and a customer leaves without engaging or even submitting their information, you must follow up with them via another channel such as email, phone, or text.


Conversion is always harmed by this break in continuity because it adds another layer of friction. You may keep the conversation alive and advancing towards a test drive and sale by maintaining it on Facebook within Messenger.



3rd Advantage


You can use bot technology to make your Facebook Messenger account available for dealership talks after hours. The best part is that you can do all of this using your dealership’s omnichannel messaging platform. Now is the greatest time for your dealership to implement conversational commerce.


Read on to see how texting is changing the scene for dealerships trying to engage with customers faster and keep the discussion moving toward a sale.

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