Lead generation in the automobile sector is changing at the same rate as everything else in the world. The reforms of 2020, as well as the pandemic, wreaked havoc on the auto sector and the way we sell automobiles. We’ll talk about the future of vehicle lead generation in this article so you can plan your auto marketing strategy for 2021. While it may seem more convenient to stick with tried-and-true marketing strategies, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must keep up with the current lead generation trends. Adaptation is, after all, the key to survival. So read on to learn the latest trends in lead generation and all about the future of lead generation.




Let’s take a look at some of the biggest lead generation trends that emerged from the garbage year of 2020. (We did say it.) Every industry was touched by 2020 and COVID-19, but the automotive industry was possibly the most affected of all. That’s because, in an increasingly digital environment, the majority of automobile sales still take place in person, at a dealership. (After all, you can’t just order a new car and have it delivered to your house via Amazon Prime.) Yet.)

Despite the fact that the majority of those purchases are completed at a dealership, the majority of vehicle buyers begin their search online. There are several ways to apply your sales skills to your smartphone and social media in order to generate leads and, ultimately, close purchases.

As a result, as you examine how you’ll find leads this year, keep these patterns in mind. These trends will not only assist you in generating leads, but they will also increase the quality of the leads you do receive.



Though we lament that our technology seems to know everything about us, customers nowadays have come to expect it. A personalized approach will be appreciated by your leads, especially since they will be spending so much money at your dealership (hopefully.) It can be difficult to come up with a tailored outreach strategy for each lead. Take the time to learn about a serious lead if you have one.

The advantage of technology is that you can conduct your research swiftly and easily. Using the lead’s name in a text or email, for example, is far more personal. Alternatively, noting which vehicle model and color they were interested in when they previously searched online or visited your showroom. Making the auto buyer feel unique by personalizing your approach could mean the difference between converting that lead into a sale.


Forget about content; in 2021, automation will reign supreme. The marketing automation market is rapidly expanding. Every day, more and more duties, especially those related to the future of lead generation, are becoming automated. Knowing which portions of the sales funnel can be automated for your firm – and which should be completed by a human – is the key to automation.


Many of the early stages of the lead generating process, for example, can be automated. One task that robots can now accomplish is finding and narrowing down leads. No chatbot, on the other hand, will ever be able to create trust with a potential client in the same manner that a genuine salesperson can.


Remarketing and nurturing your leads are two other ways marketing automation may assist you. With a single click of a button, you may follow up with multiple leads at once. You can follow up with a courteous but strong email or text to your potential car customer.


SimpSocial is a solution to this problem. We can help you generate leads and schedule appointments. All you have to do now is complete the transaction.



As previously said, the bulk of today’s car buyers begin their investigation on the internet. As a result, you must meet them there. In 2021, social media advertising will be critical for lead generation.

SimpSocial creates social media advertisements that have been proven to convert leads into consumers. How are we going to do it? We expose the greatest, most engaging inventory and deals to the target demographic in your dealership’s immediate vicinity. The era of generic, old-school television advertising has passed. In any case, your target consumer is probably reading through Facebook and not watching television. A social media ad is the best approach to entice them away from their sofa and into your business. Furthermore, Facebook is a fantastic place to start a dialogue with potential buyers!

Still not convinced if social media advertising is worthwhile for you? With only $860 in Facebook advertising, one dealership was able to sell ten automobiles. That’s a fairly good return on their investment, in our opinion. With less than $1,000 in Facebook ads, how many automobiles can you sell?




Text messaging will be the most effective technique to interact with your leads in 2021. Who doesn’t enjoy sending text messages? It’s low-stress and may be completed from any location. Let’s face it, no one like receiving phone calls these days. Make sure you don’t mistakenly interrupt your lead’s workday or pleasant meal with a phone call. You may irritate or turn someone off, whether they are aware of it or not. Text messaging, on the other hand, puts less pressure on your lead but is also more likely to be viewed than email. Almost everyone reads all of the texts they get. Texts are likewise kept to a minimum. However, much of the sales dialogue can be conducted over text.

What’s the bottom line? Auto dealers can use text messaging to sell more automobiles, faster. SimpSocial’s hybrid intelligence system allows you to jump in and out of texts with your leads without missing a beat.



SimpSocial is the future of lead generation, and it’s already here. Consider the start of a new year as an opportunity to experiment with fresh lead generating strategies for your dealership. We can assist you in generating and nurturing leads for your dealership. Take our word for it, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say.

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