Auto dealerships’ Instagram Live Videos and Broadcasts

I just started an Instagram account—why do I have to start posting live videos too?—you might be asking. You don’t have to, though. But if you don’t, you might be passing on a significant chance to engage a younger audience, promote your brand, and boost sales. With Instagram Live Videos, you can stand out from the competition and attract customers to your auto shop.


Instagram Live Videos: What Are They?


These live videos will appear at the top of the Instagram feeds of your followers. Your followers will be notified that you have started streaming a live video, unless you want to turn off this option. Customers will notice this and become interested in the information in your movie.


Why should you give it a try?


Instagram Live Videos is a brand-new method to connect with your followers and potential car buyers. When you stream live videos, a sense of urgency develops. People don’t want to pass up on great information and exclusive deals that will vanish after the video is over. Maintaining your auto dealership’s relevance and relatability to younger customers involves staying on top of social media trends. As more young people who grew up with social media acquire the means to purchase vehicles, it is crucial to accommodate their lifestyles and communicate with them in a way that works for them.


How does it function?


Continue reading to learn the fundamentals of Instagram Live Videos if you’re certain your car dealership should give them a shot.


1. You need an Instagram account for your car business, that much is obvious. Only the iOS or Android mobile app offers live video capability. As a result, streaming live videos from your computer is not possible.


2. After downloading and using the mobile app, swipe to the right from the home screen or select the camera icon in the top left corner.


3. Swipe to the “Live” option at the bottom of the screen. When you’re ready to begin your video, click the “Start Live Video” button to confirm.


4. The number of viewers is displayed at the top of the screen, and at the bottom are comments and user feedback.


5. To end the video, click the “End” button in the top right corner and then “End Live Video” to confirm your action.


6. You can either upload a “Live Replay” to the “Instagram Stories Feed” for a 24-hour period or store your video on your camera roll. To select which of these options you want to use, click “Save” in the top right corner of the page.


Your followers will be notified when you begin a live video that your car dealership is broadcasting. Through comments and other in-video responses, viewers can engage with your video. Throughout the entire video, you have the choice to instantly comment and engage with viewers. While you can save the video for later, you cannot preserve the remarks and responses, so if you want to capture the feedback for later, snap a screenshot.


How do you efficiently use this tool?


Preparation is one of the most crucial elements of success in every sector of business and in life in general. Develop a plan for your live videos. Are you up for holding a number of Q&A sessions? Are you attempting to publicize a fresh marketing initiative? Consider your target market and where you are in the vehicle sales sector while developing your approach.


Create a script for each live video you stream once you have a plan in place. You may try making a practice video, watching it again, and making edits. Even though live videos can appear intimidating, they are useful and controllable if you are ready.


Consider the time of day to see if there’s a better time to reach more people if you’re having difficulties gaining viewers for your live videos. Utilizing Instagram Stories, you should also try to advertise your video in advance. Give a hint about the subject or special offers your video will cover. When you advertise the live video in this way, be sure to specify the time and day. You might get more viewers for your next video if you pique the attention of your followers.


The “Top Live Videos” part of the “Explore Page” for every Instagram user at the time appears when huge companies, famous people, or events stream live videos that get a lot of viewers and engagement. Although it may be challenging, getting a space on the “Explore Page” is not impossible. Your live videos may receive even more views and interaction as a result.


What topic(s) should you cover in live videos?


This relies on a number of factors, including the kind of vehicle dealership you are, your objectives, and your main target market. To draw in vehicle purchasers, it’s important to develop a plan before utilizing the adaptability and inventiveness that Instagram Live Videos provide. Making engaging and helpful videos for your viewers should be your aim.


A question-and-answer session is one of the most widely used live video formats. You may compile frequent queries individuals have regarding your auto dealership or inquiries they make to your sales staff. Additionally, you could allow viewers to post questions in the comments section during the video and instantly respond to them. People are going to be curious to learn the solutions to both their own and other people’s inquiries.


Depending on the subject and the sector, educational videos can be quite beneficial for the audience. These might contain details like warning flags that might suggest your car requires repairs from auto dealers. They might also offer advice on things like how frequently to have their car’s tires rotated and oil changed. For vehicle dealers, quick, to-the-point videos are likely to be successful.


Behind-the-scenes live videos are another popular format used by companies. Display the character of your dealership, the nature of the workplace, and the level of enjoyment that staff members derive from their employment. People feel more like they belong to the family when they can relate to a car dealership, which may increase their likelihood of doing business with you.


The Instagram Live Videos feature is a fantastic platform for showcasing your high-end autos. Take a stroll around the lot to see some of your most popular or discounted autos. By promoting exclusive discounts or limited-time deals throughout the videos, you may capitalize on the sense of urgency that comes with live streaming.


Live videos can keep your fans informed about events as they happen. Take live footage of the event and the deals being offered if you are having a year-end sale, a Memorial Day sale, a truck month, or something similar. You could even record live videos of satisfied customers receiving their keys and leaving the lot in their brand-new cars if you get their consent.


Although Instagram Live Videos may seem uncomfortable at first, there are several benefits to trying them out. Live videos can be incorporated with previously shot Instagram Stories or videos you post to your feed. Take a chance, give it a try, and watch your sales, customer engagement, and brand exposure increase.

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