Are you reaching out to digital clients who have given up on the experience again?

The car industry will inevitably transition to digital sales. However, this does not imply that every consumer today makes their complete purchase online. Actually, the vast majority of clients eventually give up on the online-only method.


In order to reconnect with customers, your dealership requires the appropriate sales tools at that point.


Here’s one instance. After a demanding workday, Jane is browsing cars on a dealer website from her couch around ten o’clock at night. She takes fifteen minutes to look over the payment calculator and choose the ideal car. After making those decisions, though, she closes her laptop and goes to bed since she is too exhausted to do anything else.


In the past, dealers were not able to assist Jane in continuing the voyage where she left off. If they could only get her email address, they could send her mindless junk about some July 4th or back-to-school offer.


It is imperative that your dealership has sales tools that enable your employees to automatically provide Jane with a remote deal link in real time, allowing her to continue the conversation where she left off.


Through SimpSocial’s Quick Quote service, which automatically sends a link to the digital client when they abandon the process, 24/7, we have gained a great deal of insight into the effectiveness of re-engaging digital consumers. These are the advantages:


arranged for meetings. Many individuals still prefer to visit the showroom and chat with a sales director, even if they are not as fatigued as Jane. SimpSocial’s Fast Quote can send a link to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a representative to complete the transaction as soon as the customer leaves the online trip. After turning on Quick Quote, dealers report a 96% increase in planned appointments.


Trade-in questions. Major news sources and this site have written extensively about the shortage of vehicles. Offering consumers excellent value for their cars while expanding the dealership’s acquisition channel is obviously beneficial to both parties. Dealers who use Quick Quote report a 119% rise in trade-in inquiries as a result of the continuous delivery of hard cash offers and automated, remote prods.


applications for credit. Customers who are reluctant to commit often abandon a crucial stage in the purchasing process. Credit applications at dealerships utilizing Quick Quote increase by 234% on average as a result of the tool’s nurturing of these individuals back into the funnel.


For your dealership, what does all of this mean? This means that at every stage of the funnel, your point of sale must be adaptable enough to accommodate clients’ preferred methods of transacting. Consumers want to be able to precisely determine how much of their purchasing experiences will be conducted in-person and online. To close more deals and outperform the competition, your dealership needs to offer tenacious, proactive tools at every turn.

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