Are You Only Putting in the Bare Minimum of Effort into Marketing Your Dealership?

The definition of the term “bare minimum” according to Wiktionary is “The smallest possible quantity or the least fulfilling, but still adequate, condition that is required, acceptable, or suitable for some purpose.”

Are you certain that you’re taking all reasonable precautions and taking the bare minimum steps to prioritize marketing and growth? What would that even look like for someone who is simultaneously running a complete dealership? Most of the time, YOU, the busiest employee in the entire company, are responsible for this.


The phrase “bare minimum” should not be interpreted negatively; it is sufficient and acceptable! Even just running a dealership is extremely difficult to work. This article is your comprehensive guide to the simplest (but non-negotiable) marketing success factors, so you can be sure you’re doing at least the “bare minimum.”


While encouraging in-store traffic with hot dog cookouts might no longer significantly impact your sales department, terms like recall lift, retargeting, and conversions initially sound frightening and unclear. “Digital has become ingrained at every level of the customer experience,” states a Sitecore blog post from 2021. It is more than just a crucial element for businesses looking to go beyond the status quo; it is crucial for any brand hoping to increase the immersion and impact of those experiences.


In charge of your Facebook page and domain validation:

Let’s discuss your brand. When it comes to differentiating your store from the retailer down the street, social media is king. Are there any people you know that don’t use Facebook? You can reach your audience through social media advertising in the manner that they prefer. Use it to promote user-generated content, solicit opinions and reviews, plan events, and interact with your audience. Organic articles are excellent, but even a small investment will enable paid advertising to increase sales. Responding to online customer reviews can help you enhance your services and your customer’s overall experience. Sharing pertinent information, like the amusing driving video from Instagram, might draw in new clients and improve client loyalty.


Would you rather someone from your staff or one of your advertising partners mess with all that “Facebook stuff” so you can get the job done? But what would happen if that hourly worker left the business? What if you choose to work with multiple vendors who require access, or switch advertising agencies? If you’ve ever had to personally ask an unhappy ex-employee for their password or to help you find a file, you can imagine how uncomfortable it might be to ask them to give you access to their Facebook account.


Purchase a Facebook Pixel and start using it:

A special component of webpage code is the Facebook pixel. It gathers information, such as button clicks, that you may utilize to make tailored audiences for advertising that is made up only of pre-qualified leads. A potential consumer who interacts with your business and demonstrated behavior that indicates a higher possibility of making a purchase is known as a pre-qualified lead. According to statistics, these influential audiences convert to sales more frequently than others. You can remarket a specific advertisement to only people who have already used your finance app using the Facebook Pixel. By seeing what people do after being delivered your advertising, you may also research and evaluate their effects.


Even though you won’t need the data it collects right away, you should install this as soon as possible. That is YOUR priceless information; begin acquiring it now.


Use effective CRM. Speaking of pre-qualified leads, nothing is more potent than your existing clientele. You can create a database of the most valuable audience for your business if you are meticulous and precise when gathering data from customers who have already made a decision to purchase from you. Consider a customer appreciation sales event to finish the month strong or a loyalty discount offer to energize your service department. You may offer a trade-in bonus just to friends and family who suggest customers, or you could reach out to your supporters with a branding message to stay top-of-mind.


Sign up for Google Search Console for your website: According to Wikipedia, Google Search Console is “a web service by Google that allows webmasters to check indexing status, search queries, crawling errors and optimize visibility of their websites.” You may use Search Console for free, and it will assist you in examining and occasionally resolving server faults, diagnosing difficulties with site loading and security, and optimizing website performance.


Check your Google Analytics: With Google Analytics, you can uncover crucial information and find the answers to crucial questions such, Are your users using mobile devices? Are people visiting your website as a result of your social media posts? How many people used Google to look for your website? How many new users did your marketing efforts bring in? Another free tool to find vital information about your website and user traffic and find the answers to these and other questions is Google Analytics.


Using Google Tag Manager, you may manage your tags and send information about website visitors to your Google Analytics account. Do you recall when I first introduced you to the Facebook Pixel? After creating it, you ought to insert it into Tag Manager. Your website’s speed may be slowed if you include a lot of code for each ad platform you employ. “Even a one or two-second delay in loading time can harm customer engagement and generated revenues,” Joan Vega noted in a 2022 Wetopi post. For instance, online retailer Amazon estimates that missed sales due to a webpage loading slowly can total more than $1.6 billion a year. This slowness is eliminated using Google Tag Manager.


The Moral: You can do this! I can attest to how demanding dealership work can be, but you’re already in the industry, clever enough to handle it, and resourceful enough to handle the minimal minimum. You may be sure that your dealership now has the necessary digital footprint to be found while safeguarding your valuable data.


You might run into technical problems and unfamiliar marketing phrases when you apply this guidance in your daily practice, or you might need to learn more about the topic. Don’t worry; get assistance from a qualified organization! If you need a referral, I know of a terrific one.


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