Automobile dealerships must be aware of a growing trend in the industry, and it is not a good one. We believe this is a significant enough issue to warrant its own blog post. Facebook event firms are leading the way in this trend.

While these firms may appear to be beneficial and assist you in selling more automobiles in the short term, they can have a significant negative influence on your dealership’s reputation in the long run. It may appear appealing to sell a large number of automobiles rapidly with these businesses, but if your reputation and that of your dealership are important to you, they are ultimately not worth it. In the automobile sector, trust is vital, and buyers won’t buy cars from dealerships they don’t trust.


Do you want your dealership to flourish immediately and risk losing its reputation, or do you want it to succeed over time? You don’t have to choose between the two with SIMPSOCIAL.


The final fact is that Facebook event businesses are not only ineffective, but they can also harm your dealership’s reputation and ability to conduct business in your market. SIMPSOCIAL, on the other hand, uses Facebook to help you sell more cars in an honest and ethical manner.


Facebook event companies should be avoided.




This is how it works: a lot of Facebook event companies are making bogus claims about how much they’ll pay for trade-ins. These event companies create a separate Facebook page from your dealership’s main page so you don’t see the negative feedback that accumulates. This is a huge problem for your dealership, especially if you’re in a small area. These Facebook event companies are only selling a limited amount of automobiles because they are deceiving consumers into believing they would get more money for their trade-in than it is worth.


We see it all the time, unfortunately. The dealership’s owner has no idea what’s going on because one of these companies employs their GM, GSM, or sales manager, and the owner has no concept the second Facebook page exists. You won’t be notified of bad ratings because they created a separate Facebook page. You simply believe that your staff is doing an excellent job of selling automobiles. Your general manager makes a lot of money from these sales and then departs the company. The dealership’s owner is left to cope with the consequences of the negative evaluations, while the GM just walks on to the next position.






You may be able to avoid poor reviews on your dealership’s main Facebook page, but you can’t avoid the reality that people who see the negative reviews will always despise your dealership for deceiving them and falsely advertising. These negative Facebook reviews generate a lot of negative exposure for your dealership.





What are a few poor Facebook reviews if my dealership is selling more automobiles, you might wonder. The issue is that unfavorable online reviews these days are a disaster for any dealership. In the automotive sector, we are living in the digital retail era, which isn’t going away anytime soon.


This is why you should be extremely cautious of so-called “Facebook event companies.” Be wary if someone tries to create a secondary Facebook page for your dealership from your main page. They’re almost certainly doing it for a cause. They don’t want you to see the negative feedback you’re getting as a result of their fraudulent web marketing.


The smaller the market in which you operate, the more unfavorable Facebook reviews will hurt your dealership.


Reputation of car dealerships

Dealership reputation on Facebook

What happens on Facebook does not remain on Facebook indefinitely. It makes no difference how many automobiles you sell today. You’ll come to regret it if you damage your market’s reputation. Furthermore, if you don’t have many Facebook reviews already, those negative ones may be the only ones available online for your dealership.


At the end of the day, selling automobiles isn’t worth it if you have to deceive and lie to your consumers. Honesty and integrity are highly valued by customers. That is why we want dealership owners and the entire automobile industry to be aware of the problem. Stop lying to and misleading dealership customers with Facebook event companies. Digital media is altering the auto-buying experience, but only in a positive way if car shops are to survive.






The good news is that just because Facebook event businesses are awful doesn’t imply you shouldn’t use the social media platform to promote your dealership. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. Many auto dealerships require Facebook in order to be successful. All you have to do is do it honestly and fairly, so you don’t end up hurting your business’s reputation.


SIMPSOCIAL is the industry leader in automotive Facebook Dealership marketing. We don’t make fraudulent claims, and guess what? We still sell a lot of automobiles on Facebook. With $860 in automotive Facebook marketing in April 2020, one of our clients sold ten automobiles. That works out to just $86 per car sold. We’ve already spent $30 million on Facebook ads and aren’t finished yet. Our data enables us to better understand conversion patterns and how to create advertising that effectively convert leads into customers.


SIMPSOCIAL dealership marketing

How are we going to do it? We offer visitors around your dealership the best inventory and the most recent specials. We take them straight from Facebook and Instagram to your dealership and into their new car. We are the dealership marketing proof that selling vehicles on Facebook doesn’t require lying. So please don’t do that! Instead, put your faith in SIMPSOCIAL’s automobile marketing professionals. We’ll assist you in selling cars while maintaining the trust of your market and clients.

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