An Overview of Three Steps for Using Facebook and Technology to Boost Used Car Sales

This year, Cox Automotive predicts 39.5 million used-car sales. According to a senior economist for the National Automobile Dealers Association, the average monthly payment difference between new and used cars is continuing to widen, which will probably lead to more buyers turning to the used-car market. Is your dealership outfitted with the latest technology to win this year’s used car sales?


In the past 12 months, 60% of people who purchase used automobiles have seen or heard a social media advertisement that prompted them to act. 83% of people who purchase used cars are frequent Facebook users. This year, dominate the used-car market by connecting with active buyers on Facebook, where they are already spending time. There are three actions that your dealership may take on Facebook right away to boost used car sales.


1) Post used goods on Facebook Marketplace/ TikTok


According to a recent study, 66% of auto purchasers claimed they would buy a vehicle on Facebook Marketplace/ TikTok. When it comes to bringing your inventory in front of these potential automobile purchasers, your dealership has options! You have two options for promoting your used inventory feed: either manually uploading the individual used cars you wish to move off the lot or working with a Facebook/TikTok-approved vendor who will submit your whole feed for you.


Your dealership can contact nearby vehicle consumers on a website where they are already probably looking by posting your inventory on Facebook. 61% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 54 have bought something on Facebook Marketplace/TikTok. It makes no sense to not present your goods to this audience of buyers who are ready to make a purchase.


2) Keep an eye on and reply to messages in the Facebook Marketplace.


Due to Facebook Marketplace’s simplicity and speedy responses, 93% of users rate their experience as favorable. Make sure you are keeping an eye on and reacting to each Facebook Messenger lead if you plan to submit your inventory to Facebook Marketplace. From VDPs on Facebook Marketplace, car purchasers will have the ability to message your dealership.


Every month, 1.2 billion individuals use Facebook Messenger, and even more use TikTok. which is increasingly used for customer care. Make sure your dealership has the resources (people or technology) to reply to Facebook messages from prospective customers. The next step is to pose qualifying questions to customers to ascertain their level of interest before routing leads to the appropriate team member. Have a strategy in place to promptly follow up with leads that arrive after hours, as up to 40% of leads do so.


3) Gather leads that are VIN-specific and send them to your CRM for quick follow-up.


Give your customers options when you do answer, please! According to SimpSocial’s ground-breaking Mystery Shop Study of more than 1,500 dealerships, only 15% of them provide new car possibilities when a consumer inquires about a used automobile.


This indicates that 85% of dealerships are passing up the chance to present clients with choices that would be better suited to the purchasers’ individual tastes. Integrating your new inventory with Facebook Messenger will allow your dealership to offer options to auto buyers for both new and used vehicles, which is the greatest approach to getting over Facebook Marketplace’s “pre-owned only” restriction!


To achieve this, you should collaborate with a business that can connect your inventory with Facebook Messenger, enabling your dealership to begin obtaining VIN-specific leads that are sent straight to your CRM for prompt and effective follow-up.

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