An Overview of Down Payments

The five most typical methods of payment.


At last, the car of your dreams has arrived, complete with the exact brand, model, color, and sound system you desire. All you need to do now is figure out how to afford it. Not to worry. There are numerous options available. Here is a brief summary of the most typical ones:




Everybody accepts money. It is quick, simple, and portable. The only drawback is that you can be vulnerable to theft, loss, or tapping into the till. Although it feels fantastic to carry a packed envelope full of cash, you might want to think twice before doing so unless you’re heading straight from your bank to the dealer.


Receiver’s Check


A cashier’s check, often called a bank check, is a form of payment that is signed by a cashier or teller and insured by a bank. The bank guarantees that the money is covered, which is the primary distinction between it and a personal check. Dealerships prefer a cashier’s check over a personal check for obvious reasons. In the event that this is your desired course of action, you will have to pay a little charge and visit the bank in order to obtain it.


Cash Order


Similar to a cashier’s check, it is assured. It is typically for a significantly smaller amount and is solely dependent on the person issuing it, unlike a cashier’s check. Conversely, since cashier’s checks are linked to your bank account, they are far more flexible.


Please verify ahead as not all dealerships take money orders. A money order typically costs between 50 cents and $10.


Takeout Card


Consider carrying a debit card as a simpler alternative to cash. To take money straight out of your account, simply swipe your card. Positively, unless your bank has an overdraft policy, you won’t be able to spend more than you have. The drawback is that you cannot use it to raise your credit score. The majority of dealerships will take debit payments because the funds are taken directly from an existing account, but it’s always a good idea to double-check. Additionally, you might wish to notify your bank in advance that a sizable payment is about to be made. By doing this, you may be sure that an unusually high expenditure doesn’t cause the transaction to be denied and raise a fraud alert.


Bank Card


Many dealerships accept credit cards as a convenient and hassle-free substitute for cash when used as a down payment. Using one to make payments can also earn you cash back, points, or miles from the card issuer. APR, or annual percentage rate, should be handled with caution. If it’s quite high, you may wind up increasing the car’s total cost even further.


All of the preceding


You could not always keep all of your money in one account, or you might have some cash set aside for a rainy day. Ask the dealership if they are okay with a combination if any one of the aforementioned possibilities isn’t going to bring you the amount you require. Just keep in mind that whichever path you take, you must be certain of the precise amount you must bring in order to meet the minimum down payment requirement.


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