Aligning Sales & Marketing

Professionals in marketing use the term “Smarketing” to describe the deliberate coordination of their marketing and sales operations. This process alignment is essential to ensure that both teams are using the same criteria for success and goal-setting. But how does that actually manifest itself in daily life? That is what we are here to talk about.


Promoting Business Through Sales and Marketing Cooperation


If your company wants to increase monthly sales by a certain percentage, there are other ways to reach that objective besides merely having your sales crew work more. After all, a wide range of factors, including seasonality, life events, everyday weather, sports activity, and even each and every customer’s emotional condition, have an impact on in-store sales.


And while your sales team might be adept at overcoming each of these obstacles, they might not be able to do so in some circumstances, such as when your company is (a) brand-new, (b) recently relocated, (c) introducing a new service, etc. The marketing team may step in at that point and actually make a difference.


Marketing and sales collaborate closely.

Here’s an illustration: Imagine that you run a fruit stall by the side of the road. Fresh oranges are being sold in the dead of winter. It is in high demand, the product is fantastic, and no one else is selling it, so it is a successful strategy. However, you won’t likely make many sales if no one knows that you’re selling this fantastic item.


Let’s imagine you have a huge sign that reads, “Fresh, Juicy Oranges” and has a large image; you’ll probably see a lot of customers! Your sales team can then enter to make an upsell, add on the juicers you have in store, and encourage customer loyalty to keep them coming back the following week.


Your marketing and sales departments must collaborate in order for you to be successful. When did your marketing and sales teams last get together? Do they follow a coordinated strategy?


Aligning Sales & Marketing Efforts

It’s not always easy to see how the two interact, but if both teams are in sync, it becomes very clear. Having monthly meetings when the marketing team and sales managers are present is one way to do this.


You’ll brainstorm fantastic ideas about how to advertise your company together. Your sales staff has an intimate understanding of your customer base, whilst your marketing team has access to all the data. and they can develop a successful plan of action together.


How to Match Marketing Activities with Sales Objectives

Making sure that your major sales are working as hard as possible by utilizing clever marketing strategies to maximize your return on investment is a terrific way to align the two activities. For instance, if you were getting ready for a major spring sale, the marketing team would think it would be a wonderful idea to take advantage of it by advertising it through multiple channels.

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