Accelerate Your Auto Sales: 10 Promotion Ideas to Increase Your Monthly Revenue


In the United States, around 17 million non-commercial vehicles are purchased and sold each year.

However, with so many dealerships competing for the same clientele, standing out is essential if you want to profit from any of those purchases.


Continue reading if you want to increase your monthly earnings and get more high-quality leads. We’ve compiled a list of 10 auto sales promotion ideas that you should implement right away.


1. Become Involved in Your Community

Getting involved in your community is one car marketing technique that will not only help you grow your reach and consumer base, but will also help you boost your reputation.


There are a plethora of methods to demonstrate your support for your neighborhood.


Sponsor a 5K to generate funds for a good cause. Purchase ad space at a nearby sports park. Make a raffle basket donation for a city or local school event.


For vehicle dealers, several of these duties also serve as tax deductions. They’re fantastic for demonstrating that you care about your consumers beyond just their business. They’re also excellent for gaining attention.


Visitors from out of town attend charity, sporting, and other community activities, exposing them to the neighboring towns.


Accelerate Your Auto Sales: 10 Promotion Ideas to Increase Your Monthly Revenue 12. Organize a Giveaway

For firms in any industry, social networking is an excellent free or low-cost marketing alternative. While sponsored ads are a fantastic option (we’ll get into that later! ), there are other options. , there are plenty of other low-cost strategies to expand your social media following and reach a larger audience.


2.Hosting a giveaway is a fantastic idea.


Giveaways might be as simple as gift cards to local shops or a free vehicle wash, or as large as a year of free oil changes, a service discount, or even a credit toward the purchase of a new automobile.


To enter, urge your followers to like and share your post, as well as tag additional people who might be interested in the prize. To maximize the reach of your post, offer extra entries into your contest for each share or friend that they tag.


Remember to make it a requirement for anyone who wants to enter your giveaway to like and follow your page! That way, they’ll keep seeing your other postings and updates even after the giveaway has ended.


Complimentary Car Service Emails are a great way to thank your previous customers.

Not all automotive marketing strategies are designed to attract new customers.


For most people, buying a car isn’t something they do every year, or even every few years. However, it is still necessary to maintain your contact with prior consumers.


If people have favorable recollections of doing business with you, they will be more likely to become repeat customers when they need a new automobile for themselves or their family, or when friends ask for referrals.


3.There are a variety of ways to thank past customers.


One option is to send out weekly or even monthly emails with servicing, oil change, and vehicle wash specials. You can also include seasonal suggestions for your consumers, such as how to care for your car’s paint in the winter or how to clean leather and cloth seats during the hot summer months.


Another unique touch is to call your customers on the one-year anniversary of their new automobile purchase to see how they are doing. This confirmation could be in the form of an email or, even better, a mailing. Include a discount offer for an oil change or car wash, or remind them about your referral program.


4. Use social ads to reach out to specific customers

For years, social media advertising has been on the increase. In fact, 92 percent of small businesses say they intend to spend more on social media in the coming year.


Ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are distinct in that they employ algorithms to generate more qualified leads.


These platforms, like search engines, keep track of the websites and searches visitors visit. They then utilize this data to serve ads that are related to the searches made.


5. Promise to match any competitor’s price.

If nearby dealerships are selling their automobiles for a fraction of the price of yours, it won’t matter how much effort and money you put into these car dealership marketing methods.


Consider offering a price-match guarantee unless you can’t afford to sell your cars for less than what you’re asking.


This will ensure that you never lose a transaction because a buyer discovers that he or she may save a few hundred dollars by purchasing a home down the street. Nothing will stand in the way of your marketing campaign’s success or exceptional customer service if you do it this way.


6. Provide a Referral Incentive

Accelerate Your Auto Sales: 10 Promotion Ideas to Increase Your Monthly Revenue 2

It’s always a good goal to convert first-time consumers into recurring customers. When it comes to buying automobiles, though, your customers are unlikely to return more than once a year.


That doesn’t rule out the possibility of them telling their friends about your business and generating numerous sales per year as a result.


Providing exceptional service is the first step towards encouraging referrals. If you distinguish yourself from other dealerships, your reputation will help you attract at least a few new consumers through word-of-mouth.


Encouragement can help you significantly improve the number of consumers you acquire through referrals. Consider providing an incentive as a way to accomplish this. It might be anything from a monetary incentive to complimentary oil changes or car washes, as long as your clients are encouraged to tell others about your dealership.


7. Advertise in places where buyers are already looking.

Only around 15% of new automobile buyers pay cash, and even that number is declining.


Before they start browsing for a car, the bulk of your buyers will look into financing possibilities. Targeting buyers while they’re still in that stage of the process will help you establish a relationship and create an impact before they start looking at other shops.


Marketing your business on sites that help auto buyers get financing will generate high-quality leads, unlike other internet advertising options. Instead of web surfers scanning through social media and seeing your paid ads, you know they’re looking for a car if they’re already on those sites.


8. Use freebies to promote your service department.

The importance of web-based marketing cannot be overstated. Traditional approaches, on the other hand, should not be fully replaced.


Direct mail marketing, particularly that which includes freebies and promos, is an excellent approach to attract clients. While it may be difficult to offer freebies on auto purchases, if you have a service department, you can offer a variety of promos.


Offer complimentary car washes with every service, a year’s worth of tire rotations with new tires, and other little discounts and promotions to entice clients to select your service department over your competitors’.

9. Make a Statement in the Crowd

You need more than marketing methods to stand out when you’re selling the same automobiles, prices, and incentives as your competitors.


One method to do this is to use a novel strategy to separate yourself out from the pack.


Car salespeople have a negative image for being pushy and more concerned with sales than with customers. Instruct your salespeople to take a step back to reverse the trend. Then, in your advertising, emphasize this distinction.


Customers who are tired of the anxiety and stress of buying cars from pushy salesmen would benefit from this.


10. Provide discounts to Uber and Lyft drivers

If your dealership is in a major location where Uber and Lyft are prominent, you have a unique opportunity to promote your business and attract customers.


For your dealership, offering promotions and discounts to Uber and Lyft drivers has two key advantages. First, with so many individuals using Uber and Lyft to make money, you’ll get a lot of traffic from drivers looking to enhance their ride.


Then, when they start picking up riders in their new automobile, they’ll be advertising for you for free, thanks to a license plate bracket or sticker on their vehicle bearing your dealership’s name.


Putting These Car Sales Techniques to Use

Upping your promotional techniques, from hosting giveaways to delivering specials, smarter internet marketing, and more, is a necessary if you want to increase your dealership and your customer base.


Whatever car sales promotions you choose for your dealership, you can count on them to assist you start generating more high-quality leads and increase your revenue month after month.


Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about direct mail marketing, getting better leads through wiser ad placement, or other online marketing strategies.

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