A Salesperson’s Guide to Crushing Quotas From Home

For most salespeople today, talking on the phone for hours in their pajamas would be the new standard. Although remote working eliminates the commute, irritating office elevators, and the need to look your best (at least from the waist down), it also exposes you to a variety of everyday challenges.

Barriers to productivity, connectivity issues, distractions, and other factors will now prevent you from meeting your quotas. When you’re not in the workplace, getting into the zone to achieve your regular objectives can be ten times more difficult. However, if you know how to deal with it like a true salesperson, it is not impossible.

How to avoid crushing quotas from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere, really)

1 – Separate yourself from the others and eat that frog.

Stop pretending that your nightstand will suffice. If you have the luxury of space in your home, create a small office nook or room where you can be away from the rest of the family and your bed. Distractions from remote work can occur at any moment – your dog barks, you see your soft and cushy bed, a refrigerator full of treats, or your children running around the house.

Setting your regular schedule as you would in the workplace may also be beneficial. Use the ‘eat the frog’ method: start with the most important tasks and work your way down to the smallest. This will allow you to complete your priority tasks ahead of time, so you won’t have to deal with them at the last minute, or before your children wake up and begin playing.

2 – Make decisions based on data.

It’s ideal to start the day with a particular target in mind, but you should first assess how achievable it is. Begin by reviewing your metrics to determine where you left off, which leads you should contact first, and which tasks need additional attention.

Setting goals just for the sake of setting them can be discouraging if you don’t achieve them. It’s preferable to use a platform that can provide you with a regular rundown of metrics and patterns so you can schedule your day’s goals. Invest in a platform that offers real-time consumer data monitoring, a dashboard of your sales growth, or a summary of your team’s regular metrics if you’re leading teams.

3 – Invest in software that are user-friendly from afar.

Remote working is now possible thanks to a variety of productivity tools. Investing in cloud contact center applications should be a top priority for salespeople. Choose one that allows you to manage all of your client interactions in one location, including calls, messages, and emails.

Look for a tool that is simple to set up and use, as well as one that is suitable for use at home or in the workplace. You can never be too sure these days, which is why having a phone system that you can take with you wherever you go is perfect. This way, you can speak to customers on any computer or in any location that fits your productivity needs.

4 – Make a power call to your leads.

Power dialing takes a unique approach to increasing sales efficiency. Power dialing is a good option for small and large teams dealing with quotas, particularly if they work from home.

Some power dialers also provide sales teams with smart call solutions. They’ve progressed to the point that they can filter out bad numbers and voicemails for you, allowing you to concentrate on high-quality calls and engaged leads. The benefit of getting them is that you can integrate them with your CRM and ensure that all of your leads are quickly followed up on.

5 – Make the workflows more efficient by automating them.

If you’re still not convinced that using automation in your contact center is a smart idea, it’s time to learn more. It’s never just a matter of programming a bot to communicate with your leads when it comes to automating your contact center. It is the process of completing routine tasks without or with minimal human involvement.

Assume you have 500 leads to speak to in a single day. With automation, you will ensure that all of these leads receive the best possible treatment when you set up to speak with them at your leisure. You can delegate follow-ups to automation as you focus on high-value customers. You can arrange lead lists and set up automated calls, emails, or follow-up sequences with a contact center solution driven by automation, and all will move along with you.

6 – Effectively manage teams

It can be unsettling to manage a sales team because you can’t see them face to face as they work on their quotas. However, if you start telling them what they’re doing on a regular basis, you could come across as obnoxious. You must be able to balance in order to be effective at managing teams remotely.

Another thing you can do is begin transitioning your operations to a more open setup for yourself and your staff. Find a cloud contact center solution that tracks your agents’ activities and provides real-time monitoring and data. Team management features such as call whispers, call counseling, and advanced routing are included in most contact center solutions.

7 – Take frequent breaks

You should take a break every now and then simply because you are human. Your small breaks, on the other hand, must be managed. Avert your gaze from something that has the potential to absorb all of your energy. Instead of going into complete couch potato mode in front of the TV, you might go for a fast run around the neighborhood.

Mobile-ready solutions come in handy when longer breaks are needed, such as when running an important errand. If the whole team is using cloud-based contact center tools, this is a possibility. It keeps you linked when you’re away from your computer in case anything urgent comes up.

9 – Don’t overwork yourself.

Working from home can never be used as an excuse to work more hours just because you have more time on your hands. Make it a habit to just work during the hours you’re supposed to. This is an unhealthy habit that you must break, as well as being exhausting.

If you’re the one in charge of a squad, make sure the salespeople have time off after working hours. Keep in contact with team members and look for signs of burnout so you can devise a new approach to task management and quota setting.

With SimpSocial, you can work from anywhere.

It’s difficult to be a salesperson in these turbulent times. When you work from home, it’s important to hold tension at bay while ensuring that you’re always crushing your regular goals. You can get started with SimpSocial to help you increase productivity and empower the sales team to keep smashing quotas.

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