Your dealership shouldn’t be held back by technology; rather, it should advance it. However, new tools are frequently so complicated, challenging to understand and slow to offer support that they can cause more harm than good. CMS platforms have a reputation for being a type of technological solution that hinders rather than helps enterprises succeed.


That level of performance for a product that is so essential to your dealership’s operations is totally unacceptable. The experiences of the dealers in this video serve as evidence of how unique SimpSocial CMS is. All of the dealers found SimpSocial to be simple to use and simple to learn—even for new hires and legacy teammates. SimpSocial is also simple to use and easy to deal with because the company offers unrivaled product support in the industry.




Technologies must be assessed for their compatibility with other tools in the connected world of today. Making the switch to an open platform enables simple integrations and natural linkages with a wide range of third-party services. You can cut down on the exorbitant integration costs other suppliers impose by working with an open and transparent CMS partner who collaborates readily with the vendors of your choosing. Switching to a new CMS can be scary, regardless of how well it integrates with your existing systems. The majority of dealers that move to SimpSocial report that the process is painless and unexpectedly seamless.



Every department and every process at your dealership is impacted by your CMS. Therefore, any time spent working on or around your CMS is time that could have been spent expanding your company. Because SimpSocial CMS is the most user-friendly dealer management system, your team can focus more of their time and attention on initiatives that actually have an impact. Dealerships that make the move quickly reach full production due to how simple it is to utilize. Additionally, you’ll never have to rely on a hiring or retention decision based on CMS experience again because new hires take up the system so quickly. Instead, every member of your team—from the newest to the most experienced—will be utilizing its potent powers.


Although technology promises increased productivity, efficient operations, and more profits, not all tools actually live up to their promises. Hard-to-use, hard-to-learn, and difficult-to-fix technologies might actually slow down your company’s growth. SimpSocial CMS delivers on its promise to enhance your business as the simplest-to-learn and -use CMS in the sector.

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