A Guide to Social Media for Auto Dealers

Through direct contact with potential customers, social media marketing (SMM) has the potential to have a significant positive impact on your dealership. Your blog readers immediately respond to your postings and provide you with information. 68% of small business owners use social media to raise visibility, according to a Manta poll. Set objectives for your dealership to get the most out of your SMM. Your goals should be determined by your target audience, and your interactions and posts should be determined by your goals. Spend the majority of your time and money on the platforms where your target audience is most active.




Facebook is probably the social networking site you use right now. When a dealership decides to use social media, Facebook is frequently their first option, and for good reason. The majority of users on this social media network are older than 18, and many of them are the demographic that car dealers are trying to reach. In conclusion, if you haven’t already, you should sign up for Facebook. Posting a variety of content, including videos, quotations, FAQs, helpful articles, and anything else your audience would find interesting, is crucial after you have an account. Try experimenting with the days, hours, frequency, and topics of your posts. To determine how to best serve your audience, experiment with those items and watch how much engagement you get. Although creating a Facebook account is free, paid postings should be taken into consideration if you want to reach a larger audience. To determine whether it’s worthwhile, you can tailor the advertising as you like and track its effectiveness. Start off modestly and adjust as necessary.


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One of the upcoming top social media networks for dealerships is Instagram. However, not a lot of auto retailers are yet utilizing this chance. You may look at the Instagram profiles of car dealerships to determine what works and what doesn’t. Instagram is typically used by companies with attractive products because it relies on visual posts. What could be more eye-catching than a car that your audience can name their own? Instagram makes it simple to share advertising, images, details about forthcoming events, and more. Be one of the only local car dealers actively using Instagram by gaining an advantage over your competitors. The brand-new live videos on Instagram may help your dealership stand out even more. Find out how they function and how they can help your dealership.




Twitter is designed around 280-character tweets that are snappy and to the point. Each post is kept concise enough as a result so that you may quickly and easily navigate through your feed. When using Twitter, you must focus on saying only the most pertinent or fascinating things possible, leaving out the filler. The ideal area to promote current deals and update followers on what’s going on at your dealership is social media. As events happen, share updates. With the addition of some captivating images, your dealership is now equipped to take on the Twittersphere. Don’t forget to add a brief “About Us” section to your Twitter bio so that followers who are curious can read more.


on LinkedIn


The preceding three social media sites emphasize engaging with users directly in order to attract new clients and raise brand exposure. The objective of Linked In is to be more professional, and it will have various effects on your car dealership. To stay informed about recent market trends, you can have conversations with other executives in the auto business. By sharing high-quality ideas and content with your network, you may establish credibility. Utilize LinkedIn to find qualified candidates who will fit in at your dealership and who are hardworking.

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