A Day One Success Story in Automotive Dealership Communication: Using AI to Strengthen Salespeople

Our software business depends on innovation, and lately, we’ve taken a big step toward the future of customer communication. To build an intelligent conversation recommendation engine, we used artificial intelligence (AI), especially OpenAI’s conversation GPT API. This tool is poised to fundamentally alter our interaction model because it is built to draw lessons from prior interactions and intuitively predict a potential automobile buyer’s desires.


While AI has incredible potential, we are aware of the need to maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel. We, therefore, created the initial iteration of our AI integration to offer recommendations rather than completely take over the talks. Not to replace, but to empower.


The effects were rapid and significant on the first day of deployment. Throughout the day, I carefully assessed the leads and the AI’s performance. One instance, in particular, jumped out: after receiving automatic follow-ups for two days, a TrueCar lead responded. The dealership remained silent for an hour, but our AI was prepared with pertinent suggestions. The persuasive value of AI assistance, when the human response is weak, was highlighted in this situation.


The AI repeatedly proved its value during the day by intervening to correct subpar SMS messages, posing crucial questions, and offering solutions when the dealership fell short. On day one, our AI technology was already demonstrating its ability to change the game.


This quest involves more than just getting over the restrictions of bad salesmanship. I’ve personally witnessed how poor sales abilities may result in missed chances, declining revenue, and even the failure of organizations. Lead follow-up and CRMs need to undergo a fundamental revolution, and AI is the impetus for this change.


True salesmanship entails an unwavering desire and unwavering dedication. Even the most dedicated salespeople, however, are constrained by time and have a limited amount of capacity. Our goal in incorporating AI into our software is to empower these hardworking people rather than replace them.


We empower top performers to handle more leads and engage with more clients by offloading some of the workloads to AI. As a result, there is less need for bloated sales or BDC departments, and quality is prioritized above quantity.


AI cannot change the fact that real salespeople, the ones who develop connections with customers and work every deal until there is no more meat on the bone, are irreplaceable. However, these salesmen can accomplish more when they have access to AI. They can surpass the competition and establish more connections and business partnerships.


The first day’s astounding success was simply a glimmer of what an AI-powered future might hold. As we move forward, I can’t wait to witness a sales floor controlled by top performers, powered by AI, and achieving record-breaking sales success.


For a green pea’s first day on the floor, it’s not awful at all!

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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