A Consistent Sales Process: Who Needs One? We all do!

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t relish the period when vehicles left the lot more quickly than we could add additional stock. But as that comes to an end, we must consider if we are ready to sell vehicles once more. Let’s face it: Throughout the past three years, we have easily overcome obstacles and, more importantly, have maintained gross levels that are records. But in this madness, did we really follow a sales process? Most will acknowledge that they didn’t.


It is likely that the sales process changed in the same way since client response times have decreased over the past three years. Consistency in our sales process has always been a challenge for us, but it will be even more crucial in the coming weeks and months. Customers will soon have more options as inventory shortages ease. So, if we can’t successfully respond to their questions or help them, we’re putting ourselves up for failure.


It doesn’t have to be difficult, which is good news. It’s time to return to the fundamentals or to block and handle the essential components of the sales process, as they say. Considering that consumer purchasing habits have evolved during the past three years. However, it is still true that customers want their questions answered. Customers also want to know what to do next when they enter the dealership, which is more significant. It is safe to assume that the customer does not visit the dealership merely for pleasure. They are at the car showroom to buy a vehicle.


However, since they have more options, customers may lose patience with a lack of a sales process as a result. Furthermore, do we really want to pass on sales possibilities just because we don’t adhere to a sales process? Instead, we should put our attention first on making sure that our BD and Sales Consultants are aware of the process and when it starts, either online or over the phone. That means being aware of the options a customer has when making inquiries before visiting. So that there is continuity when your Sales Consultant or BD Agent works with the customer over the phone, online, or in the dealership.


The customer’s overall experience will be improved by a smooth process both inside and outside the business. Additionally, a positive experience results in more vehicles being sold with a higher CSI since you adhere to a sound sales process. It sounds easy, don’t you think? But the unfortunate truth is that most of the time, each of your sales managers and consultants tends to work according to their own procedures. That only makes managing the breakpoints in their processes more difficult. All of us have room for improvement because none of us are flawless. Why, then, do we make things even more difficult for ourselves by having to coordinate multiple sales processes at once? Instead, concentrate on a single sales process so that, as a Sales Manager, you can simply intervene or support your Sales Consultants without putting extra stress on your customers, regardless of who is dealing with them.

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