9 Tips to Sell More EVs

Your dealership will benefit from these effective sales and marketing strategies as they get ready to sell more electric vehicles (EVs) to prospective car buyers.


Ideals for EV electric vehicle sales in auto dealerships


Drivers are increasingly choosing electric vehicles as a means to save money on gas and lessen their environmental effects. If you’re a car dealer, this gives you a chance to sell more electric vehicles (EVs) and possibly turn them into your dealership’s main sales focus. However, it’s crucial to remember that selling EVs differs from selling conventional gasoline vehicles, particularly as the general public adjusts to shifting patterns.


In the upcoming years, we’ve put together a few suggestions on how to successfully sell more electric vehicles at your dealership. For our best training, sales, and marketing advice, keep reading!


Use EV-Specific Marketing Materials as Number One

Make sure to expressly state that you sell EVs on your dealer website and marketing materials. To emphasize the advantages of driving an electric vehicle, use imagery and language that are specific to EVs. To make it simpler for potential customers to learn more about EVs and browse your EV inventory, you may also designate specific landing pages on your website for them. Reach out to the SimpSocial team to discuss your alternatives if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas or need assistance putting together an EV marketing strategy.


2. Inform Yourself and Your Employees About EVs

It’s critical that you and your staff are aware of EVs if you plan to sell them. Study the many EV models available, their range, charging times, infrastructure, EV trends, electric vehicle batteries, and other crucial characteristics. This will make it simpler for you to respond to inquiries from potential clients and establish your subject-matter authority.


3. Provide test runs

Offering test drives is one of the best methods to sell EVs. This will enable potential buyers to personally experience the advantages of driving an electric vehicle. Even if you can’t sell them just yet, make sure you have a couple of EVs accessible for test drives! Even having one model on the lot accessible for test drives can help close a deal because automobile customers are excitedly pre-ordering the vehicles they want.


4. Launch an SEO campaign.

Make sure your dealer website is search engine optimized so that potential buyers may find you quickly while looking for EVs. Use relevant keywords in your blog posts and website material, and whenever you can, establish hyperlinks to your site from other websites. Since SEO is one of our strengths, get in touch with us if you need assistance with your SEO efforts so that you can start ranking for terms relating to electric vehicles and other relevant terms.


5. Start running targeted PPC ads.


Pay-per-click (PPC) ads with a specific audience in mind are another excellent method of promoting your EVs. When consumers look up terms connected to EVs, your website will appear in advertisements that are precisely targeted at them. This may involve Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Vehicle Ads.


Create an EV mailing list, step 6.


Create an email mailing list just for people interested in EVs to stay in touch with potential customers. This list can be used to give out regular updates about new EVs, exclusive deals, and events. We advise all dealers to use email flows to target different lists and segments in order to keep customers in your sales funnel because email content marketing has an extraordinarily high return on investment.


7. Increase EV visibility on social media


The use of social media to raise EV awareness is highly recommended. Share EV-related news, images, and videos on social media. Additionally, you may interact with potential clients on social media and respond to their inquiries about EVs. How, then, can you post?


Respond to common questions concerning electric cars


Discuss the rebates and incentives your province offers for buying electric vehicles (this would make a terrific addition to your dealer website as a landing page or blog article).


  • showcase fresh EV stock


  • Time-lapse video of an electric vehicle’s charging process


  • In a little drag race, compare the speed of an electric and gas-powered vehicle (safely, please!)


  • Utilize your electric vehicles to procure and transport food, clothing, toys, and other necessities to your neighborhood.


8. Provide options for EV Charging


By offering EV charging options at your dealership, you can make it simple for consumers to charge their EVs. Installing EV charging stations, providing EV charging services, or giving EV charging discounts are all options.


9. Simplify the purchasing process


You and your staff should be experts in electric vehicles! An easy and enjoyable EV purchasing experience will result from the dealer’s ability to respond to inquiries, provide guidance on incentives, accept trade-ins, highlight key components, have a solid understanding of the environmental advantages, be able to discuss charging infrastructure, offer freebies (like free charging station home installation), provide EV financing and EV lease options, and generally exude enthusiasm for EVs.


Increase EV sales at your dealership!

The advice given in this article will help dealers increase the number of electric vehicle sales. Dealers will be able to reach a wider audience and make more sales by implementing the advice on how to market and sell electric automobiles both internally and externally.


If you’re looking for a dynamic marketing firm for auto dealers, get in touch with SimpSocial. We add creative and innovative concepts to your marketing strategy. For a free consultation to unlock your next steps in digital marketing, speak with Whit, one of our associates!

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