7 Reasons Auto Dealer Websites Should Be Responsive

A responsive website is one that functions well on a variety of devices, including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. A responsive website offers the best viewing experience, requiring little resizing and scrolling, easy reading, and easy navigation. The websites for your car dealerships should be responsive for the following seven reasons.


Increased Use of Mobile and Tablet Devices


Nearly half of consumers say they will abandon a website if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile device, and 61% of people in the United States own a smart phone nowadays (Business2Community). When a mobile user searches for a vehicle on your website and the results aren’t in the right format, the user will leave and try a different dealership’s website.


Google Suggests Responsive Websites


Google presently controls 67% of the market for search engines, and it advises that websites employ responsive web design. Google even said that using a responsive site design is the standard industry practice. Your dealership website can use the same URL and information thanks to responsive design. This does away with the necessity for, say, a mobile-specific website. Google finds it simpler to index responsive webpages. Google can now more effectively crawl and organize the material on your website.


an improved user experience


The user will be satisfied with their experience and more likely to return to your website if they can easily access it on any of their devices. Sites load more quickly when images and icons are dynamically resized to fit the screen size of the device. Additionally, it facilitates quick and simple navigation, enabling car buyers to find what they’re looking for.


Competitive Benefit


You must be conscious of the requirements and preferences of your users if you want to stay ahead of your rivals. Since getting information on a cell phone is quick and easy, more people are using them for research. Most of your rivals probably haven’t switched to responsive design yet, which means they’re losing out on a lot of potential clients. Take the initiative and update your website as soon as it is practical to have a responsive design.


Effective in terms of cost


You will need to manage two separate SEO efforts, one for each platform, if you continue to maintain separate websites and mobile sites. Your dealership will conserve time and resources by using the same site for all devices. Your links will appear consistently across all devices on search engine result pages.


increasing conversion rates


When users view the site on various devices, responsive sites guarantee uniformity. A consistent user experience benefits everyone. The higher the quality of the user experience, the more probable it is that the visitor will interact with your dealership, generating more online leads.


decreased bounce rate


Along with conversion rates, your responsive design’s new aesthetics will result in lower bounce rates. Because they can simply locate what they’re looking for, prospects will stay on your site longer and be more inclined to interact.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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