5 Online Marketing Tools for Free

Any auto dealership needs marketing to be successful. Although there are still a number of choices available to small or new vehicle dealers who don’t have a sizable marketing budget, online auto dealer marketing can be expensive. Discover how to fully utilize your potential for web marketing without spending a dime by reading on.


The use of social media, a free marketing tool that can greatly benefit your auto dealership, should be a top priority if you aren’t already. The use of social media platforms enables your dealership to interact directly with prospective consumers. Using social media can teach you a lot about your target market. To improve your customer service, try listening to what they have to say. Whether it is favorable or negative, gently answer. Depending on the platform(s) you choose, you can upload videos, highlight current events or special offers that are taking place at your dealership, link to articles from other websites that will be helpful to your followers, or publish content from your own blog.


Hootsuite: As soon as you begin to make use of social media opportunities, you may find it difficult to manage everything across several platforms. Hootsuite connects to your social media accounts and lets you plan out future postings. Up to three social media sites can be linked at no cost. For each post you publish, Hootsuite makes it simple to view comments, likes, and other feedback. Your free weekly report contains details about the number of clicks and likes you receive, the most popular links and posts, and much more. If you frequently rewrite your responses to FAQs, simply write a draft post on Hootsuite to use as a response as necessary. Overall, Hootsuite makes it simple for car dealers to stay current on social media.


Blogs – What better strategy to increase website traffic than to write blog entries about subjects that your target audience would find interesting? When automobile buyers arrive on your website, they can return later for more details, develop into leads, or even turn into sales. A call-to-action increases the likelihood that blog readers will convert when it appears in a post. Your blog may boost your auto dealership’s brand equity and brand awareness, even if it doesn’t immediately lead to better sales. By producing fresh, original content, you give your readers the ability to spread the word about your blog entries or engage in dialogue in the comments section.


Google Analytics: There are a variety of uses for Google Analytics. It’s easy to monitor the traffic that campaigns bring to your website if you run any. Easily keep track of whether your choices have a significant impact on your target audience or if they have little to no impact. You can discover who is visiting your website and learn about the people that they are attracted to. Examine the pages they visited after they arrived on your website to see whether they converted into leads or not. Any auto business would benefit from knowing this information.


Google Keyword Planner is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a free service that can be utilized slightly in place of Google AdWords. Enter the URL of your landing page to see the keywords the planner recommends for it. To help you generate ideas, you can apply the same strategy to rival websites. To see the differences in how your local audience reacts to keywords, conduct a global or local search. You can utilize the Google Keyword Planner to get new blog ideas because it will provide frequently searched terms associated with your auto dealership. If you decide to blog about those subjects, you have just entered a market segment that you were unaware existed.

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