5 Dealerships with Waiting Rooms that Will Blow Your Mind

A deal on a manicure and an oil change? While your tires are being rotated, how about a free exercise class? While you wait, why not hit a few golf balls?


The age of experience is now. Some dealerships have improved upon that experience.


The days of iced coffee and worn-out issues of Sports Illustrated are largely a thing of the past at many dealerships. They have made an effort to provide waiting room experiences that delight their clients and encourage repeat business. Here are some of the top professionals in the field.


Jaguar-Land Rover-Lincoln (Merritt Island, Florida)

This Florida dealership offers everything. You join the “Island Club” and gain access to all the benefits when you buy your automobile from their dealership, including a full fitness center, an arcade, a movie theater, a barbershop, and more. They also include a coffee shop named Carbucks and a kids’ play area called Cartoonz.


But in addition to these enjoyable benefits, they also offer a concierge service and tracking software that make it simple to follow along and keep track of your automobile while it is being serviced.


They are aware that extravagant benefits are ineffective if you don’t offer your customers convenient services. However, the amenities they offer make it a popular destination with local consumers.


Southern California’s Lexus Escondido

California’s Lexus Escondido makes investments in a program called AutoJoyment. Their three-story facility serves as a hub for community meetings, sporting activities, and exhibitions. It provides upmarket retail malls, eateries, coffee shops, a personal library, a children’s play area, and even a golf simulator! It goes above and beyond basic amenities and actually “wows” its guests with resident artists and communal meeting space.


Other Lexus dealerships also offer exclusive benefits, such as a San Antonio store that offers massages while you wait for your service. One in Wichita, Kansas, will pick you up from your place of residence and take you to the airport in time for your departure while you are away.


Virginia’s Chesapeake Priority Toyota

This Toyota dealership offers a full-service experience while laying out the red carpet for you and your vehicle. To ensure that their clients are happy and engaged while they wait, they offer amenities including a café, movie theater, beauty salon, and play area.


However, they also provide convenience with 72 work bays to maintain appointments quickly and effectively. Probably quicker than their clients would like, especially if they are watching their favorite film at the time!


Massachusetts-based Prime Motor Group

This car firm came up with the concept to make their waiting rooms more interesting for consumers by looking at trends from other hospitality industries. As arcade bars and eateries have proliferated across the nation, they have capitalized on this concept. The 26 dealerships owned by Prime Motor Group in New England opted to spice up their waiting areas with pinball machines and classic arcade games. Customers can do this to pass the time while they wait (and relive their childhood!).


One of their Toyota shops includes a fish petting zoo to keep things exciting! everything to keep the audience amused.


Chandler Toyota (Big Two Toyota)

At this Arizona shop, your automobile isn’t the only thing receiving a facelift. Big Two Toyota has a full spa and provides services like facials, pedicures, and manicures. But it’s more than just a showy convenience.


Their business and the consistency of service traffic have been impacted by the extra services they provide.


Their deputy general manager claimed that weekday mornings were often the busiest for business as people rushed to drop off their cars at the service department. Now that clients are more ready to wait and use the time to work remotely or treat themselves, their business is steady throughout the day.


Service is the Most Important Amenity.

Customers enjoy and remember intriguing features and unique experiences, but nothing beats the value of exemplary customer service. Even if your dealership has the most features and space, if you don’t prioritize your consumers, none of that will matter in the long run.


If you don’t genuinely care about your consumers, even the most incredible amenities won’t matter much.


Lay the groundwork for a fantastic dealership experience and first-rate service, and then add amenities to keep your clients entertained on top of that.


The investment these dealerships make in their customers’ experiences supports the premise that fixed operations are a crucial part of a dealership’s future. There are still methods to keep clients and their experiences at the forefront of your thoughts in the services you offer, even though not every dealership has the resources to invest in a theater or retail mall. Experiences have value. So, using the tools at your disposal, provide your customers with an exceptional experience.

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