4 Unusual Strategies to Draw Customers’ Attention

When it comes to advertising as a car dealership, “attention” is the word of the game. You want to sell your dealership in a way that stops potential customers in their tracks and compels them to pay close attention to what you have to say.


Separate yourself from the crowd.

But times are changing, particularly in the world of advertising for auto dealerships. Traditional advertising methods that were once quite effective at getting people to notice your dealership may not be as effective now. If so, it might be time to put away the big inflatables and traditional sign twirlers and start thinking creatively once again.


According to our research, the best attention-getters are those that (a) allow customers to see you as more than just a salesperson and (b) engage your audience. Keeping these two key characteristics in mind, you’ll find below…


Four novel approaches to capturing and holding your audience’s interest.


1. Social media contests

Since the majority of your customers will use social media frequently, why not catch their attention there, where they frequently spend countless hours? Promoting a contest on the social media channels of your dealership is one way to actively engage them. Give your consumers the opportunity to win by offering exclusive bargains if they meet certain criteria.


A few years ago, Buick started a Facebook scavenger hunt competition for its fans. People who found the answers were entered into a drawing for a chance to win $2,000 and then into another drawing for a chance to win a Buick of their choice. This giveaway significantly enhanced Buick’s brand awareness on Facebook and attracted new potential buyers, some of whom had never previously shown interest in Buick automobiles.


We’re not saying you have to give away $2,000 in cash; this is merely one of several tactics you can use to try to catch the eye of your online followers. Before beginning a campaign to promote a contest, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules that apply to each social media platform.


2. Greeting Cards

It may sound a little dated, but everyone likes to be acknowledged, and getting something in return doesn’t hurt either. Thank-you letters and cards, especially those that aren’t too impersonal or distributed to everyone, will demonstrate to prospective clients how much you value them.


According to one salesman, sending handwritten thank-you letters to government workers within a 25-mile radius of their dealership was their best promotional strategy. Their dealership would thank these employees in the letters, and they would also include exclusive deals and discounts. As a result, their dealership not only witnessed an increase in clients who were employed by the government but also received recommendations from those employees.


Your clients will perceive your dealership as thankful and will feel valued as a result of receiving simple thank-you notes. What will catch their attention is adding that extra offer that they believe is specially customized for them.


3. Auto Maintenance Courses

Offering auto repair classes is one engaging way to draw clients to your dealership. Most drivers wish they knew more about car maintenance, but may not have had the opportunity to do so. Give them the opportunity! Your service or sales team can be met and interacted with by your customers, allowing them to get to know you personally. As they start to trust you and your knowledge, it can start to dissolve those barriers between the salesperson and the client.


Make sure customers feel at home when they are attending lessons at your dealership. Offer people who attend a maintenance class refreshments or even special discounts. Until they got to know the people who worked there and received something in exchange for their time, they may not have even thought about purchasing from your dealership.


4. Active Website

Most clients these days conduct some online research to determine what’s the best fit for them before ever entering a dealership. You risk losing that customer if you can’t grab their attention in ten seconds or less. A visually beautiful and attention-grabbing website is really necessary.

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