3 Ways to Sell Your Inventory Better Than Your Competitors

If you have a little bit of a competitive streak, raise your hand. We certainly do! Additionally, our competitiveness is accompanied by a strong commitment to put our dealer partners ahead of their rivals.


So what does inventory have to do with competitiveness? In order to provide our dealer partners an advantage over their rivals, we consistently improve (and redevelop) our technology and services in order to assist our clients be the best they possibly can be. Our inventory management, merchandising, and marketing platform, is one of the primary ways we do this, and it’s one of the ways we do this most effectively.


Enough about us, though. Today, we’d like to share three marketing strategies with you that can help you outperform your rivals and sell more cars. Let’s start now!


Speed to Market Is Important

Imagine that your competitors don’t have the right tools in place, so they have to manually enter data into data fields, recondition their vehicles, get appropriate pricing, get pictures, and generally take their time getting inventory live. Meanwhile, your competitors’ vehicles and products are already being served to potential customers online. Then you’ll be ahead of the game! Getting a car in front of potential purchasers should happen as quickly as possible after it is physically obtained or even after an offer has been submitted. Time to market is important!


Make Sense to Your Customers When You Merchandise Your Vehicles

Speed to market is extremely important, but you need also “merchandise” your items so that they make sense to your target audience. In the early stages of their purchasing process, consumers conduct the majority of their research online while seeking out extremely particular information. This information must be easily accessible and presented in an inviting manner in order for those clients to transition from “just browsing” to “booking a test drive.”


Uncertain about the precise web content your customers want to see?no worries. The majority of our fields will be filled in automatically once you scan a vehicle’s VIN, and we’ve carefully chosen any fields that are still blank to focus on an efficient sales path. Your automobile merchandising will be maximized as long as you enter the data we’re prompted you for.


Promote Your Stock

We’ve learned a lot over the years—er, decades—about the significance of inventory marketing to the expansion and prosperity of auto dealerships. We also think that many vendors fail to emphasize the essential components that might offer merchants smooth inventory management options. With LiftKit, we set out to give dealerships a competitive advantage over their rivals. We want it to be jam-packed with easy-to-use features that will improve the lives of our dealer partners.


You could be asking, “Like what?” “What does SimpSocial offer that my current provider can’t?”


Things like our Mobile VIN Decoder, which enables you to quickly post inventory to your website using the camera on your smartphone. Or use our Reporting Dashboard, which offers precise statistics to help you decide how to market, price, and order vehicles to maximize your sales. Or that we can set up your Outgoing Feeds faster than any other provider (and at no additional expense!) to an unlimited number of platforms.

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