3 Ways Advertising Companies Waste Your Money

It’s crucial to ensure that every advertising dollar is used wisely in the modern world. Spending on relevant creatives, quality targeting, and current performance tracking over the course of your campaign lifespan is required. While many marketing firms may assert that they do just that, it’s crucial to know what to look for to identify whether a business is truly wasting your advertising dollars.


Here are the top 3 signs that a business is wasting your advertising dollars:


1. Use placeholder images or “Coming Soon” advertisements.

Having inadequate adverts is one of the worst ways for dealers to turn away potential buyers. This typically happens when an advertiser fails to properly filter out the photographs from the feed that they use in their adverts. Dealership advertisements will not be consistent or comprehensive; rather, they will be incomplete.


As consumers, we are all aware that this is neither visually appealing nor does it even resemble an actual advertisement. It’s incredibly simple to browse by or skip over it without giving it a second thought. Unfortunately, a dealership loses money only the fact that someone saw the advertisement. We refer to paying for an unfinished advertisement that produces little to no outcomes as a waste of advertising spend. Fortunately, we at SimpSocial create custom feeds that are designed to remove unwelcoming placeholder images, ensuring that your adverts are always current with relevant inventory images that clients WANT to see when browsing for a car.


2. ‘Cookie cutter’, generic advertisements.

No dealership wants to spend money on advertisements that are exactly the same as the 20 other dealership clients of their advertising agency. Unfortunately, a lot of marketing firms have made the mistake of trying to streamline their operations by creating generic slogans that they then apply to all of their accounts. Because of this, consumers see uninteresting, cookie-cutter advertising that is generic and that they KNOW isn’t relevant to them. Poor outcomes will occur from allocating your dealership’s advertising budget to non-custom ads. See an example of a generic advertisement that was obviously not evaluated before it was published below.


It’s critical to have entirely unique material, right down to the phrasing of each ad, in order to stand out from the competitors.


3. Unstably constructed campaigns

Do you understand how your dealership’s advertising agency plans its campaigns? Are they organized in any way? Are they employing the right targeting strategies? Knowing where your advertising dollars are going depends on the types of campaigns that are being done for your dealership being transparent. Too frequently, dealerships are left in the dark about the types of campaigns that are being run or even if they even have a framework. This is typical because advertising firms arrange their campaigns in a “one size fits all” manner, which obviously doesn’t work based on the objectives of your dealership. Depending on the size, objectives, and location of your dealership, SimpSocial offers a variety of campaign structures. Want to increase used sales in a big city? That particular structure is in place and ready for you to start seeing benefits. Looking to increase new vehicle sales in a rural location and improve your dealership’s reputation with your OEM? Our marketing structure with a rural brand focus have you covered!


Answer the question for yourself now that you are aware of what to watch out for! Your advertising budget: Is it being wasted by your agency? You will be aware that the response is a resounding NO if your dealership collaborates with SimpSocial. For each of our dealers, our team puts in a lot of effort to make sure they have the appropriate picture feeds, customized ad content, and unique campaign structures so you can get the most out of your advertising budget.

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