3 key points to remember from the Customer Service Quality Benchmark Report 2023

In order to conduct a study of customer service leaders about their important metrics, how they maintain support quality, and where they want to spend in 2023, we once again worked up with Klaus, Aircall, and Support Driven.


The study received responses from over 4,000 customer service experts in 98 different countries, and the information was then combined into the Customer Service Quality Benchmark Report 2023.


Join us on April 12 as leaders from SimpSocial, Klaus, Aircall, and Support Driven discuss the report’s findings and main takeaways by registering here.


The good news is that customer service teams feel better equipped than ever to meet the difficulties that lie ahead, despite the fact that the economic picture isn’t particularly promising. We identified three recurrent themes that show how many customer service leaders plan to make the most of current resources while still meeting and exceeding customer expectations in both our own Customer Service Trends Report and this year’s Customer Service Quality Benchmark Report.


Boost current automated customer service processes while introducing new AI tools

One strategy is to enhance current automated customer support procedures while looking into how to apply recent AI developments like ChatGPT. This enables teams to increase the effectiveness of their support procedures, shorten customer wait times, and respond to inquiries more quickly.


Regardless of operating budget or team size, teams may now offer great assistance thanks to these developments.


Furthermore, the implementation of these advances is becoming simpler and takes less time because to the advancements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks. With these developments, groups can offer top-notch assistance regardless of operating costs or size.


Putting money into proactive, self-serve assistance to anticipate issues before they are asked

The use of proactive and self-serve help is another strategy employed by customer support teams. By doing this, they may anticipate questions before they are asked and help clients find solutions on their own without the assistance of a professional.


“Teams can concentrate on more complex questions and offer individualized support to customers who need it most by utilizing proactive and self-serve support,”


Customers not only benefit from this strategy’s time savings, but support workers also experience a decrease in workload. Teams can concentrate on more complex questions and offer individualized support to consumers who need it most by using proactive and self-serve support.


Boost team talent through internal quality assurance and coaching

By implementing internal quality control and targeted coaching to help their agents improve their abilities, customer support teams are strengthening their team’s talent. In addition, they make employment decisions based on opportunities. This indicates that they are putting a priority on selecting agents who have the necessary abilities to handle particular consumer needs.


Customer support teams may guarantee that their agents can manage difficult inquiries and offer individualized service that meets and exceeds customer expectations by investing in their team’s abilities.


“Customer service teams can streamline their support procedures, cut down on wait times, and respond to inquiries more quickly with the aid of emerging technologies.”


Innovative support leaders are conscious that the objective is to allow representatives to spend more time resolving inquiries that need the assistance of a real person rather than to completely erase the human element of customer care.


Teams can concentrate on giving their consumers individualized, prompt, and sincere service by utilizing the three aforementioned strategies. Emerging technology can help customer service teams streamline their procedures, cut down on wait times, and respond to inquiries more quickly, all of which will increase customer satisfaction.

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