3 Advantages of a Dealer Chat Platform for Your Dealership

In addition to breaking the ice with hesitant consumers who may have had negative experiences with salespeople in the automotive industry, a superior chat platform affords you additional advantages. So, let’s examine what an auto dealer messaging platform can do to improve your website’s user experience, conversion rate, and sales team’s readiness:



Using intuitive and user-friendly tools enables your Business Development Center (or whoever handles your fresh, inbound leads) to assist customers more quickly and efficiently. No matter which department is targeted, sales, service, parts, or customer service, a messaging platform designed for dealers has features that can help accelerate customer interest in a vehicle and encourage them to take action.


In lieu of employing an entire BDC, opting for managed messaging can result in significant cost savings. Managed Messaging by SimpSocial is an entirely human-powered live conversation service. You will receive highly trained customer engagement specialists who are perpetually trained on vehicles and your dealership’s particular guidelines, as well as our automotive-focused chat software console. This is included in the price of the service you pay for, as opposed to the possibility of multiple annual salaries.



A robust live conversation platform for the automotive industry is not only convenient for the customer. It should also be convenient for your employees. Live or self-managed chat tools should provide value to your business on both the customer and employee aspects of the customer-employee relationship.


The ability to navigate to the correct department via the conversation icon or to transfer chats to another department or team member is crucial for efficient operations. Compartmentalizing your prospects is a tremendous organizational aid. And having something that can reliably route leads to your CRM (or multiple CRMs) is a feature that dealers greatly value.


SimpSocial chat console software is supported by technology commissioned by executives with decades of experience in automotive retail. It also includes reporting to help you track your team’s performance and pinpoints areas where you can enhance your own chats. This is a genuinely customized solution designed to provide dealers with the optimal means of engaging with car-shopping customers.


Developing Relationships with Your Customers

Okay, I lied a little bit. One of the reasons is to establish a deeper connection with automotive buyers. People purchase cars from people they like, and a warm lead is only made warmer when you immediately begin fostering a great working relationship with your customers – meet them where they are in the customer journey! Accessibility and adaptability are essential to gaining consumer trust.


It is also essential to simply be available for potential transient customers. The majority of car-shopping customers select a few dealerships and begin their search on a single website, but they typically do not remain or stick around for long. Then, they begin to navigate between multiple merchant websites.


The key to converting website visitors who are interested in purchasing an automobile is to provide them with the tools they need to interact with your website, thereby increasing the likelihood of meeting their needs and establishing trust with your location in particular. Without such an option, impatient car buyers are likely to fly instead of buy.


Equip Your Automobile Dealership with SimpSocial Outstanding Chat Technology

The messaging software technology patented by SimpSocial serves as the foundation for a variety of dealer-centric engagement solutions and intelligent services. Here are a few additional services that help maintain the strength of your digital dealership.

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