10 Facebook Ad Mistakes

You want to expand your dealership’s consumer base, right?


We agreed; every auto dealer wants to attract new clients in addition to satisfying those who have already purchased from them. While in the past we would have advised billboards, radio jingles, or print advertisements, paid social media advertising is now the norm. Where have you been if you haven’t found the wonder of advertising on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn?


It’s incredibly exciting to show up right away on the feeds of people who are probably going to love what you do and the automobiles you offer, but it’s not a completely risk-free method of advertising your company, so you should do some research before you start.


It’s vital to understand that Facebook advertising extends beyond “boosting” organic posts, which often involves paying a set sum, such as $20, to have a post seen by more people. Here, we’re referring to targeted paid advertisements delivered through the Meta business suite, which calls for a more methodical and deliberate approach.


As a kind of paid advertising, errors made in the creation, monitoring, and formulation of an ongoing strategy will cost you money and have an adverse effect on your conversion rates. Here at SimpSocial, we hire social media gurus who help our dealers navigate the Metaverse (Facebook and Instagram). Here are 10 typical blunders you could be making with your Facebook ads.


sluggish goals


Not entirely certain what you hope to achieve with your Facebook campaigns? You won’t be able to communicate your intentions to your customers either. Determine what you want from each campaign as your first step. Are there more sales? More financial adoption? Extra stock? Is it merely brand recognition? Sort out your goals so that you can construct each advertisement with a specific goal in mind.


We at SimpSocial mostly concentrate on the following ad types:


Traffic is what drives visitors to your website.


To get your brand in front of as many new eyes as you can, focus on brand awareness.


Catalog Sales: To display your inventory so that users can navigate directly to each vehicle


Conversions: driving traffic to your website with the intention of them taking action once they are there.


You can see below how many possibilities you have when setting up an advertisement:


bad visuals


Perhaps it should go without saying that the visual component of any advertisement you design is crucial—you want it to be a scroll-stopper! In addition to being eye-catching, graphics must also be consistent with your brand, employing colors that stand out without being too loud. Here, blandness has no place.


Each line of text on the graphic should reflect the specific goals we just discussed; misleading your user is something you must avoid at all costs. Too much text on the graphic is a significant turn-off for users (not to mention a no-no from Facebook).


selecting the incorrect market


You work in your line of work every day, and you are aware of the kind of individual who is attracted to your cars. These individuals, down to their age, place of residence, and interests, should be reflected in the audiences you develop for your Facebook ads. Even though you won’t be to everyone’s taste, you can at least get in front of those who are desperate for a drink.


disregarding video


Need we even mention TikTok with the explosion of video content in recent years? We strongly support the use of video material wherever it is practical because it tends to capture our attention. For this reason, we produced this post on how to start making videos for your dealership.


Remember that video content doesn’t need to be a blockbuster-caliber production; simply incorporating animation into your visuals with software like Canva can be a wonderful place to start.


failure to experiment and change things up


It is preferable to run a single Facebook ad and then leave it running, although we strongly advise remaining inquisitive. How will you know if anything different gets a greater reaction from your audience? Facebook gives you the option to A/B test several visuals and alternative copies (the text that appears above the graphic) to determine what works best.


Ad weariness occurs when your audience has seen the same “creative” (which is the language and graphics working together) too often. It is another risk of letting your ads become stagnant. Changing things up gives you the chance to recapture your audience’s interest.


not monitoring outcomes


Data is your friend, and monitoring the statistics produced by each advertisement can show you what users respond to the best, allowing you to move on with that strategy.


It is important to routinely check Facebook’s reporting tool and use UTM tracking to examine results in Google Analytics since, without tracking the success of your efforts, you are operating in the dark.


Making excessive alterations


Keep reading; it’s not as contradictory as it might seem. We’re all for changing your ads to avoid ad fatigue and better tailor them to your audience, but if you make too many adjustments without waiting to see whether earlier changes are working or determining whether the trend you’re observing is seasonal, you might not be able to find your Facebook ad groove.


Too many advertisements are displayed at once


We want to emphasize that quality always wins out over quantity when it comes to Facebook advertising. Although testing is something we strongly advocate, you don’t have to run 15 ads at once.


Depending on the size of your company and the services you offer, between 1-4 campaigns are typically enough for many SimpSocial dealers for whom we handle Facebook advertising to produce amazing results and keep new clients engaged with the dealership.


Poor copy


Trust us, the words are just as significant as the images. On the most fundamental level, your material must be succinct, free of errors, and crystal clear regarding its goal and the next action your reader should take. Use your brand voice to communicate directly with your ideal customer and let them know that this ad is for them if you want to take things to the next level.


Not using SimpSocial to manage your Facebook ads


You’re missing a trick as a SimpSocial dealer if you haven’t thought about allocating some of your marketing money to Facebook advertising and delegating the laborious tasks to our professionals. We have a history of sending the correct users straight to SimpSocial websites, and as you are aware, once they are there, they are websites that convert.


Send us a message if you want to boost sales with a single stock feed directly into Facebook (yes, it is doable), or if you want to go all out with a multi-campaign plan. Even those who have already visited your website can be targeted!


We’re thrilled to offer this service to our dealers, and we’d be happy to speak with you about it. Here is just a small sample of the visuals we’ve created for advertisements that we’ve run, in case you’re still unsure.

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