Marketing automation: What is it?

Software and technology are used in marketing automation to automatically handle marketing activities and campaigns across several channels.


Marketing automation’s main objective is to automate, streamline, and measure marketing operations and workflows so that marketing teams may operate more effectively and boost sales more quickly. Additionally, marketing automation software makes it simpler to offer prospects and customers more individualized experiences.


What is software for marketing automation?

The technology that is used to automate repetitive and data-driven marketing operations is known as marketing automation software. Nearly 10,000 marketing technologies exist today, many of which emphasize automation.


This software can be used to carry out a number of marketing duties, such as but not limited to:


dissemination of emails

using social media

Campaign evaluation metrics

generating leads

Account-based marketing and lead nurturing

segmenting customers

Retention initiatives

Platforms for marketing automation enable marketing specialists to concentrate more on developing innovative campaigns and elevating their brand above the competition. Additionally, they have sparked the creation of a brand-new marketing position called marketing operations. This is a professional area that is expanding swiftly and is increasingly necessary for companies of all sizes.


Is marketing automation effective?

The multiple digital touchpoints that today’s brands frequently have with their leads and consumers allow them to gather information about their employment status, behavior, preferences, and other details. In order to make marketing workflows as focused and efficient as possible, marketing automation technologies are made to analyze this data.


A marketing operations team can utilize marketing automation solutions to define “rules” that are then automatically carried out by the software once they have had a chance to comprehend some of the trends displayed by their target audience.


Therefore, a martech stack built with marketing automation technologies helps create more tailored experiences that are more likely to result in a sale as opposed to having every lead go through the same sales funnel.


What is automated email marketing?

Email is one of the most popular applications for marketing automation. The technique of automating an email flow so that a brand may send emails without having to manually click “send” on each one is known as email marketing automation. This has turned into a particularly helpful tool for businesses with sizable email databases since it enables them to send the appropriate email, with the appropriate message, at the appropriate time, to the appropriate recipient.


The effectiveness of each email is evaluated using performance indicators like open rates, click-through rates, click-to-open rates, and others by modern email marketing automation tools like Marketo, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and SimpSocial. A/B testing capabilities will be included in email marketing automation systems, giving marketing teams a greater knowledge of the content that resonates with customers, whether it be in subject lines, preview text, body copy, or CTAs. Then, teams can utilize that information to shape subsequent campaigns.


Using marketing automation technologies has become essential for most firms because it dramatically boosts the return on investment for most marketing initiatives, whether it is in email, lead creation, or audience segmentation.

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