Why Success with Automotive Social Media Lead Generation Requires Constant Facebook Lead Follow-Up


Over the past eight years, we’ve been keeping track of some fascinating data. Data shows that customers who click on ads on Facebook and Instagram take longer to convert than those who click on ads from other sources. Dealerships around the nation are now able to follow up with leads indefinitely thanks to our text message follow-up technology. It streamlines the follow-up procedure and gives dealerships the ability to follow up for longer periods of time than ever before, thanks to automation and artificial intelligence.


Let’s examine some real data from a client of ours. The ROI data for one of our clients, who in October 2021 spent $5,221 on Facebook ads, is shown below. They sold 26 automobiles for an average of $201 each. very low compared to industry norms.


A breakdown of when those cars were sold is shown in the following graph. In the first 30 days of running the advertising, they sold 6 cars. All the way up until February 2023, sales from those leads included 2 vehicles in the first month, 7 in the second, and 6 in the third.


1. Facebook Leads Could Be Less Devoted


In comparison to leads from other sources, those who fill out a lead form on Facebook can be less motivated to make a purchase. They can be just browsing or at the beginning of their research process. This indicates that pursuing Facebook leads necessitates a different strategy than pursuing leads from other sources.


2. Extended Follow-Up Times Are Required


According to the statistics we have gathered, Facebook leads convert more slowly than leads from other sources. They probably need more time to decide because they are still in the research stage. You can remain top-of-mind and add value throughout their research process by persistently following up with leads. To guarantee that you follow up with leads consistently over time, you may automate this process using our text message follow-up system.


3. Relationship building is essential


Always following up on leads is not just about closing a deal; it’s also about establishing a rapport with possible clients. You can build trust and portray your dealership as a valuable resource by offering value and being supportive throughout their research process. Future purchases and even customer recommendations may result from this.


The automotive industry is well known for focusing on instant conversions because of how time-consuming the typical CRM procedure is. In most situations, leads in the auto industry are followed up on for a week. The graphic below enlarges to show all of this client’s Facebook advertising. As you can see, there is a very little cost per car sold; all it needs is persistence and a lot of follow-ups. From their $5200 in Facebook ad spend, this client’s pipeline is so full that it typically generates 20 to 30 additional auto deals every month.


In conclusion, success in automobile social media lead generation depends on persistently pursuing Facebook leads. You can speed up the follow-up procedure and guarantee that you’re following up with leads consistently throughout time by using a text message follow-up solution. By doing this, you can establish connections with potential clients and increase your dealership’s sales.

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