Tik… Tok to me.

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The TikTok craze has evolved beyond selfish obsessions with video sharing. One of the most popular and interesting communication platforms in the world, Tik Tok, has developed over time. reached 1.6 billion users by the end of last year and is projected to reach 1.8 billion users by the end of 2023,


With more than 75% of users being between the ages of 18 and 44, the user base is not quite as young as is generally assumed and instead represents a demographic that is primed to purchase a car.


The platform is being used more effectively by sophisticated dealerships to meet potential clients on their terms, in a place and manner that will ensure their involvement.


For instance, Hyundai of North America is making use of the platform’s special capabilities to better target and engage the African American community.


 The automaker’s “Okay Hyundai” brand platform, which was created in collaboration with Culture Brands, its African American marketing firm, is continuing with the “Choose Yours” campaign. The slogan “Okay, Hyundai” is featured in each of the ads for this ongoing marketing campaign because, according to Eunique Jones Gibson, CEO and chief creative officer of Culture Brands, “in the African American community, placing ‘Okay’ before something is the quintessential way things worth noticing are acknowledged.” It’s crucial that we show our audience a mirror and let them know that we are aware of them.


By turning the leads that Tik Tok generates into significant customer appointments on your showroom floor at an unheard-of rate, SimpSocial is ideally suited to help your dealership get the most out of the platform.


In order to more effectively establish trust and personalize the customer’s journey, SimpSocial’s proprietary methodology leverages Tik Tok’s well-proven capacity to make users feel seen. This approach maximizes the conversion of leads into appointments and makes sure that the customer’s fervent engagement continues through that appointment.


For a customized example of how SimpSocial can work with your dealership to leverage Tik Tok’s capacity to make users feel seen and heard, visit our website. www.simpsocial.com

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