The California Gasoline Vehicle Ban’s Possible Impacts

The potential effects of California’s gas-powered vehicle prohibition on your next car purchase.


One of the biggest moves toward electrifying cars in the US is California’s 2035 ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered cars. We covered the ins and outs of the gas-powered vehicle ban in part 1, but in this piece, we’ll talk about how the ban might affect the cars you buy in the future.


Will the prohibition result in higher petrol car prices?


Price is affected by scarcity, and from around 2030, when nearly 70% of new light cars must be electrified, new gas-only models will become rare in the states where the prohibition is in place.


As early as 2026, prices for new and used gas automobiles and trucks may rise due to shortage fears.


Can I be forced to purchase an EV?


Nope. Car manufacturers are only required by the program to offer certain percentages of zero-emission cars (ZEV) for sale at their dealership in California. No one is needed to purchase them.


The plan assumes that as gas-only vehicles become less available, EVs continue to get longer in range, and EV manufacturing rises, EVs will become a more appealing option for consumers.


Recall that numerous automakers have already committed to switching to all-electric vehicles (including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) by 2035 or earlier, regardless of California’s actions.


Which automakers intend to switch to electric vehicles?


The majority of the world’s major manufacturers have stated intentions to make EVs and plug-in hybrids a large portion of their sales by or before 2035. General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Honda, Jaguar & Land Rover, and Bentley have all set targets to achieve 100% ZEV (zero-emission vehicles).


Stellantis aims to achieve 40% by 2026, Hyundai Motor Group to reach 25% by 2029, BMW to reach 50% by 2030, and Volkswagen to reach 50% by 2035. Ford is planning to transition to a hybrid and fully electric car mix by 2050, adopting a slightly longer outlook.


What happens if I decide not to purchase an electric car?


In the following three years, you may wish to purchase a new car if your state forbids cars that run solely on gasoline and you are adamant about sticking with gasoline.


However, old gas-powered vehicles ought to be widely available for a while. It takes roughly 14 years to “flip the fleet,” so the majority of gas-powered vehicles won’t be off the road until around 2039.


And it’s not always the case. Particularly in regions like California with more temperate, auto-friendly climates, certain cars have far longer lifespans than average.


Thus, there isn’t currently cause for concern.


And keep in mind that, even after 2035, dealers and private sellers will still be permitted to offer used gas-only automobiles and light trucks for sale.

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