The majority of dealerships I speak with are laser-focused on growing their business for both their staff and consumers. The most productive automotive teams I collaborate with are constantly one or two steps ahead. To focus less on the busy work and more on their customers and employees, they are working to ensure that the tools and technology are streamlining workflows. It isn’t always simple. But you have the resources and abilities to make your company successful, and you can achieve this with the appropriate partner by your side. They can assist you in getting there if you’ve paired with a CMS that has your best interests in mind. According to my experience, the following are some crucial areas to concentrate on to make sure your dealership is successful overall.



Simply put, you need to take a close look at how many slow, manual processes are used in your business’s transactions, payment system, and accounting system. Afterward, modernize it. Why shouldn’t your service lane provide conveniences like point-of-sale and contactless payment, which are common and anticipated everywhere else in our daily lives? Why wouldn’t you use email billing services to increase your dealership’s cash flow and speed up payment? If you’re still not persuaded, I’d go one step further and explain that digitizing and automating payment processes not only eliminates human mistakes but also generates digital receipts for all of your transactions. I consider it a huge gain when a dealer takes all steps possible to protect himself and increase accuracy.



The automotive industry has shown us over the past few years that compliance and security regulations are tightening. I believe that this pattern will persist to the mutual benefit of the dealer and the customer. As contracts and transactions grow more digital, protecting your company will require you to exercise more diligence. The good news is that you should be able to sync your data every time you interact with your clients if you work with the correct CMS partner. In addition to giving your customer additional convenience, you are also producing a (digital) paper trail that helps safeguard both parties, whether you are automatically gathering signatures within the CMS or auto-filling forms during the financing process. Your workflows and back-office activities will be made simpler with a secure document management solution. For most dealerships, compliance and fraud risk are actual concerns that will likely arise at some point in the future.



For dealers, the daily data war has always been a problem. I don’t have to tell you that your CMS is a treasure trove of knowledge that can assist you in making wise business decisions both now and in the future. But you can save numerous hours by being aware of which reports to run and where to start in order to maximize efficiency without wasting your time. First of all, I feel bad for you if you’re not working with a business consultant who has your best interests in mind. Your staff may be held accountable for tasks like data extraction, KPI tracking, and goal formulation by a performance manager with years of practical dealership management expertise. Are you keeping track of your ELR in the service department? How does the business office handle its pending contracts? Utilizing SimpSocial Contracting to increase the cash flow is your goal. Although everyone has a different preferred way of reviewing information, your CMS has the information, and your Performance Manager can assist you in managing it.



Whether conditions are “challenging” or not, in my experience, personnel turnover continues to be one of the largest problems for dealers. In fact, a dealership will need to rehire and retrain more than 80% of its sales crew each year, according to our most recent research. Your back-office staff has a challenging job. They play more roles than just the hiring and onboarding processes. Your HR and payroll systems need to be optimized if you’re planning to focus on any one important aspect of your dealership this year. The more your company expands, the more complicated tax regulations, compliance requirements, and payments become. Your needs will increase steadily as you add rooftops and grow your business. If you can incorporate the technology you use into your people solutions as you make onboarding more professional, your investment in this area will pay off greatly.


Technology is never a process that can be “set and forgotten.” Thankfully, modern technology has the ability to adapt. My staff is always learning new strategies to support our dealer partners and position your dealership for long-term success. Reach out right now if you’re interested in finding out how to streamline and improve your dealer management system going forward.

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