Syncing The CRM And Contact Center For Better Sales Is The Secret Sauce

CRMs aren’t all made equal. Businesses should look for a CRM tool that is compatible with their sales processes. Companies that use CRMs have higher consumer satisfaction and are seen as meeting their quotas better, according to a new Aberdeen Research report. CRM is undeniably beneficial to sales teams. However, in order to get the most out of it, you must understand how to fully integrate it with your contact center.

However, how can you make the most of your sales strategies now that you have all of these CRMs in place? What are the chances of reaching out to your CRM contacts effectively at scale? Here’s how this fantastic integration will help.


HubSpot CRM and SimpSocials Phone Solutions are a sales force couple.

If you’re a HubSpot regular, you’ve no doubt learned about the advantages of having a strong CRM. Any manual job is made obsolete by HubSpot’s well-structured method. Its innovative and reliable platform provides small to large companies with a framework that is so sweet, you won’t believe it’s free.

HubSpot, a fantastic CRM, deserves an equally fantastic contact center platform. SimpSocial assists HubSpot in connecting salespeople with consumers by providing the most innovative contact center tools that can be accessed directly from HubSpot’s smart platform.

There’s a lot more you can do with HubSpot and SimpSocial.

SimpSocial can be extremely beneficial to HubSpot sales teams. We’ve made SimpSocial and HubSpot so compatible that you can use them together. Yes, you don’t have to change tabs, update results, or do something else manually. You may start working on improving relationships with each customer on your CRM list with SimpSocial.

1- Data synchronization is two-way.

We understand how inconvenient it is to manually record every call and piece of data. While HubSpot and SimpSocial two separate platforms, this incredible integration allows you to work on them as one. On both platforms, every call, email, action, and contact data is synced and updated.

Use your CRM data to run several sales campaigns or check whether you’re on track to meet your sales targets. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your data in either case because everything is registered and logged in real-time.

2 – Managing several networks from a single location

Customers are everywhere, and relying on only one communication medium to successfully reach the target market is insufficient. Customers can seal the deal if demographics, preferences, places, and behaviors are targeted, but it also depends on whether you know how to communicate with them through the channel of their choice.

Customers prefer call and text contact, which our HubSpot Phone integration allows you to use. You can enroll your CRM data into SimpSocial’s call or text sequences using HubSpot workflows. You can start and stop call and text campaigns with a single click, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks during the day.

3 – Outbound automation on a wide scale

With SimpSocial and HubSpot combined, outbound marketing is far more efficient. With workflows, we give you more options to start calling more customers from HubSpot. Simply enter your information into SimpSocial’s power dialer series to automate call follow-ups and voicemails.

We agree that outbound marketing isn’t all about making phone calls. Increase the efficiency of your SMS sales campaigns by sending messages at a large scale. HubSpot Workflows enables you to enroll your CRM data and create triggers for sending personalized SMS or MMS messages. Yes, you can submit images with your messages using SimpSocial.

4 – All of the dialers you’ll need

Your sales quotas are highly reliant on the reliability and compatibility of dialers with the sales teams when it comes to contact centers. You won’t have to think about that with SimpSocial. Our dialers can be used in any way that is most convenient for you. The best part is that you can access them directly from your HubSpot account.

You can use SimpSocial’s HubSpot dialer in three different ways. Simply press the dialer integration button to ring all of your contacts at once. You may also use HubSpot’s CTI or chrome extension, or use HubSpot workflows to run your calls with SimpSocial’s power dialer if you have a larger list. It has an automatic voicemail drop feature that allows you to miss bad calls and focus on high-value customers.

5 – Remote solutions and cloud-based systems

With the advancement of communication networks and technology, as well as changing work environments, demand for remote working options will continue to increase. Sales teams must be able to keep up, and in order to do so, you’ll need a reliable system that can handle the demands of remote work.

It’s time to untangle the squad from the company phone’s cords. Choose a phone system that can be used in any place. During these turbulent times, cloud-based apps and systems should be your first option. Both HubSpot and SimpSocial endorse this, offering you a competitive edge in the form of a mobile CRM and contact center.

6- Inbound and outbound efforts that are connected

This perfectly sums up your HubSpot and SimpSocial experience. Even though inbound and outbound are two sides of the same coin, integrating them seems like the most logical thing you can do for your contact center – and it’s all thanks to SimpSocial.

SimpSocial provides resources that can appeal to both consumers and officers. Some features allow you to save time on repeat calls by routing them to the agent who dealt with them first. You can also experiment with various queue and routing options to see what works best for your customers. Start sending long-queue calls to SMS, or give callbacks to customers to reduce their wait time.

7 – Custom reports and live analytics

Within the SimpSocial dashboard, you can see data as it happens. CRM data from HubSpot and SimpSocial communications will be reflected in your synced data. You’ll never have to reorganize data or recalculate results because all reports can be completed in a flash and with just a few mouse clicks.

With reliable data and analytics running in the background, you’ll have plenty of time to develop sales strategies. Send out broadcast messages to your entire contact list, track engagement, and spot hot leads until they vanish. Tripling the conversion rates is easier and quicker than ever before, and you won’t have to think about anything else.

Integration that is most compatible

We didn’t only make it possible for HubSpot to use SimpSocial. We have made it work with it in sync. This, we think, demonstrates the most effective approach for all of your contact center requirements. Connecting these resources as salespeople can only mean one thing: more sales for your business.

We can no longer think of CRMs as “additional tasks” or “tracking tools.” Instead, think of all the things you can do about it. Handling customers to increase revenue would be a breeze with a smartly integrated contact center that operates within it. Today, try HubSpot with SimpSocial!

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