Process or cost?

You might be shocked by the solution for one constantly expanding purchase category!

The key to making sales is knowing your customer, and according to


According to information from a recent survey by True Car, 25% of in-market shoppers surveyed identified themselves as “Process Shoppers,” or people whose motivations are unexpectedly different from those of regular consumers.


They are younger, make more money than the average person, and shop for reasons very different from those of the typical consumer to whom we have been accustomed over the past few decades.  They are not seeking the “best deal,” an exact automobile, or a quick transaction. They are not looking for any of these things. They are eager for a great sales procedure, instead.


“These consumers may not have a clear idea of what they want to buy, but they are certain that they do.” and if you can reach these customers, they could hold the secret to extra savings.


That’s true, 25% of consumers don’t look for the best deals!?

For this rapidly expanding group of extremely active shoppers, “having an easy shopping experience” ranked higher than “paying the lowest price.”

Given that consumers are willing to spend more for a better experience, dealerships with the foresight to capitalize on this trend will have a great chance to address the industry’s difficulties with dwindling client numbers. Learn more about how SimpSocial is assisting the most strategic dealerships in the market to capitalize on current consumer trends and schedule more appointments with more “Process Shoppers” by scanning the bar code below.

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