Power of AI chat Assistant on Facebook Messenger


Traditional wisdom holds that selling a car to someone your staff knows is far easier than selling a car to a Facebook user. The art of selling automobiles on Facebook, on the other hand, is changing dramatically, and Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for online consumers to connect with brands and businesses about things they are interested in.

According to Facebook, over 2 billion messages are sent between consumers and businesses each month, and more than half of all customers prefer to message businesses on Facebook Messenger rather than calling a customer support phone number.


Use Chatbots to Your Advantage


Your car dealership may use Facebook Messenger to answer queries about vehicles and offers, provide store hours and updates, and even arrange appointments and test drives. There are also Facebook chatbots that may talk with your potential consumers and supply them with the information they require without requiring the time of your employees.


On Facebook, there are presently over 100,000 chatbots, and the number is continuously increasing. Your team will only be required to step in for more sophisticated issues because chatbots can simply schedule appointments and deliver standard solutions to typical inquiries.


Increase the number of people who message you on Messenger


The simplest approach to take use of Messenger’s global reach is to place adverts on the app’s home screen. Including Facebook Messenger in your ads is a terrific approach to obtain results across all Facebook platforms.


You can encourage potential clients to contact your auto dealership via Facebook Messenger. This can be accomplished through the use of Click to Messenger ads, which deliver highly targeted internet advertisements to your potential customers in order to urge them to contact your dealership via Messenger.


Paid vs. Organic


Even if organic content is vital for increasing your auto dealer website’s long-term search visibility, paid advertising will undoubtedly reach more shoppers and potential car buyers in the short term. With this in mind, you should look for opportunities to use both organic and paid content.


Before we get into the many different ways that your car business can use Facebook Messenger, it’s vital to note that you shouldn’t let clients message you on Facebook if no one is replying. Customers want chat messages to be answered in a timely manner. They will almost always move on to a different dealership if they have to wait too long for an answer.


Customers are more inclined to contact your auto business if they see that it “usually reacts within minutes” on Facebook.

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