Lead engagement is sped up using conversational marketing.

Lead conversion fails when leads are abandoned, ignored, or just too numerous to answer in a timely manner — none of these issues exist with conversational AI.

Natural-language AI can rapidly respond to chat forms and emails from potential customers, and will send nudges and bumps at a personalized rate to keep leads interested.


Conversational AI was used by ChannelSight, an eCommerce Solutions firm, to boost their marketing efforts.


The ChannelSight team claimed that by incorporating virtual assistants into their sales team, they were able to save 20% on lead qualification and nurturing. They also claimed that the virtual assistants assisted the team in actively engaging twice as many leads as usual.


The virtual assistants did this by reaching out to leads at every stage of the funnel with conversational AI to keep them informed, engaged, and thinking about ChannelSight.


Fewer initial leads remained uncontacted, fewer unresponsive leads were abandoned, and hesitant prospects were kept in the loop to aid future conversion.


Leads Cannot Be Ignored in Conversational Marketing


Although marketing may be providing sales a large number of leads, sales may not be following up on each one.


This is frequently just a matter of time and mental space – salespeople are human, and when leads pile up, sales triage occurs. Simple math suggests that can’t be done if the squad only has X number of hours in the day and 3x the leads. As a result, sales pursues the most qualified leads and tries their best to follow up as soon as possible.


Conversational AI platforms, along with automated emails, can be used by marketing to send emails to those less-than-qualified leads. These virtual assistants can ask questions to gain a sense of how useful these leads are – where are they located, what industry they work in, what are their needs, and what is their existing solution?


After a lead has been qualified by the virtual assistant or the standard machinery of your lead scoring or sales process, they are introduced to actual humans.


However, just as sales may be compelled to ignore cold, dead, or green prospects, sales may also be forced to let a lead languish in CRM purgatory if the lead ceases to respond.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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